Lim Kit Siang’s Whistle Stopover


Veteran politician Lim Kit Siang made a visit to his former constituency of Ipoh Timor on Tuesday April 23. Explaining that his return visit was part of his ‘700-km whistle stop campaign covering the four states of Johor, Melaka, Selangor and Perak”. Lim was punctually doing his walkabout at Pasir Pinji market at 7.30am, despite the fact that his last stop was Sitiawan which ended at 2am.

During his walkabout shoppers were seen smiling and warmly greeting Lim. Later standing atop a van Lim addressed the early morning shoppers and asked the residents of Ipoh Timor to forgive him for leaving his safe seat in this constituency to do battle in the MCA bastion of Gelang Patah Johor. “I do not know if I can win but I must finish the job started in 2008 for a change in government.”

Lim Kit Siang
Lim Kit Siang (left)

Lim then reminded the residents to give their full support to all PR candidates contesting in this election before chanting the election war cry “wu yue wu how, huan ching fu (change the government on May 5)”. Later after a short press conference Lim obliged the media by taking photographs with them.