Pavement Defects


Thumbs Down
By A. Jeyaraj

Recently when I went shopping in Little India, for the first time I parked my car in front of Siva Sakthi Restaurant on Jalan Sultan Yussuf (Belfield Street) and walked to Lahat Road. I was shocked to see the condition of the pedestrian walkway which is not safe to walk. This is a short L-shaped section along the front and side of the shop lot.

In many places the interlocking bricks have sunk into the sand and are displaced. There are a number of potholes. A pipe is jutting out in the middle of the passageway causing a serious  tripping hazard.  It appears that the ground was not compacted before laying the bricks. I lost count of the number of places that are damaged in the short stretch. Pedestrians are walking on the busy road.


I have walked along many pedestrian walkways in the town, but have not come across one like this with so many defects in a short stretch. I am not exaggerating. Those interested can go and see for themselves.

MBI engineers must inspect the place and take action against the contractor who did the job. The inspector who certified the job must also be questioned. Get it repaired before someone trips and fractures their leg.