A Mockery to the Efficiency of Ipoh City Council


Are these pictures a sign of inefficiency of the Ipoh City Council, or a mockery of its slogan “Ipoh Clean, Green and Developing”? Look at the piles of uncollected wastes, mainly leftover foods from the night food-stalls, beside Dataran MBI – on the front yard of the city council’s complex.

For several hours on May 31, the refuse contained in black plastic bags were blocking parking bays and some with their foul smelling contents scattered on the road.

Motorists, driving around to look for parking space in the busy Greentown Commercial Centre, were seen shaking their heads in disgust at the sight of the uncollected wastes.

A Mockery to the Efficiency of Ipoh City Council2

Yes, there may be a valid reason for the failure of collecting the wastes on that particular day, but did it need to take several hours for the city council to come up with a contingency action to remove them, especially when it was just a stone’s throw away?

What will ratepayers and visitors think when about a week ago, in conjunction with the City Day’s celebration, City Council gave recognition to about 10 per cent of its workforce for their hard work.

During the presentation of the awards, State Local Government Committee chairman Datuk Saarani Mohamad congratulated all recipients for a job well done.

A Mockery to the Efficiency of Ipoh City Council

“The purpose of handing out the awards is to give due recognition to excellent workers in the council. I hope that the recipients will maintain or improve their work standards and set an example for their colleagues,” he said.

Of course, many of those recipients deserve the awards. They are the “unsung heroes”. It is a pity that such failure to collect the wastes quickly would reflect on them and the city council as a whole.

Jerry Francis