New Strategy to Promote Perak


Tourism Malaysia (Perak) will employ a new strategy to promote Perak in a big way. It plans to repackage and rebrand the touristic products currently available so they will be more visible to visitors, foreign and local.

Newly-appointed Tourism Malaysia (Perak) Director,  Ahmad Kamarudin Yusoff (pic far right) said this at a media briefing recently. “The state’s rich cultural heritage should be highlighted in tandem with its numerous tourist attractions,” he said. “And with Visit Malaysia Year 2014 just around the corner, the time is most appropriate.”

New Strategy to Promote PerakInternet will be the medium to enhance the promotional efforts of Tourism Malaysia (Perak). “To achieve this Internet usage, penetration rate should be improved in order to disseminate information to locals. Information is already available on websites and are sufficient for foreigners but they need to be updated frequently,” he added. “In this context, the collaboration of travel agencies is necessary.”

The agency organised a fishing trip for media representatives and tour operators to Pulau Sembilan recently. Before that was a bicycle ride along a heritage trail in Ipoh. Both received wide media coverage. These activities will be incorporated into a tour package soon for sale to domestic and foreign tourists alike. Tourism Malaysia, according to Kamaruddin, had just finished shooting stills all over Perak. The pictures will be used for promotional purposes.

Kamarudin hoped his overseas experiences will be of use to improve the tourism industry and by extension, the local economy. Present at the briefing was the CEO of Tourism Perak, Hj Musa Dun, the President of Perak Tourism Association, Hj Odzman Abd Kadir and major players in the state tourism industry.


2 thoughts on “New Strategy to Promote Perak

  1. A bicycle ride in this heat? As part of a tour package? What tourists are you trying to get? Backpackers hitchike or walk to safe money, retirees are not fit enough for something like that, families with kids like to go to theme parks. So, for whom is this?

  2. Congratulations on trying to make Malaysia more attractive to tourists!

    Instead of a new glossy brochure for the same old places think of making M’sia more safe (no more bag snatchings, smashed car windows), more clean (rubbish on the beach, near waterfalls…) more accessible (easier, better and safer transport), more friendly (educate people with English and some manners) and more enjoyable (more alcohol & pork/goose/duck/turkey/ fresh vegetable and fruit availability especially in rural areas; lower the prayer call noise day and night so people can sleep properly).

    Information on websites is often inaccurate for example opening hours of museums. Once there, they are often closed such as the National Museum in Kuala Kangsar. The Langkawi walking bridge has been closed for 3/4 of the year now although tourists cannot use it, they still have to pay the full entry price. Surely, it could have been repaired by now. Tourists put such disappointments on facebook and twitter which keeps their family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances from visiting Malaysia. In addition, the tourists who have been here will not come back for a second, third or fourth time let alone consider the MM2H scheme.

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