FACES Youth Treats for Salvation Army Boys


It was looking like another typical warm Sunday afternoon when 10 visitors showed up at the front gate of Salvation Army Ipoh Boys Home at 2pm. The residents of the boys’ home, a total of 42 of them with ages from 9 to 18, did not know what to expect from these visitors. For the 10 members of FACES Youth Society, the aim was simple: bring fun and joy to the boys.

Salvation Army Boys' Home

After handing over some sundry items (donated by well wishers), Superintendent Andrew Lo showed all  the FACES members around the boys’ home, explaining the daily operations of the home and also some of the challenges faced. The boys, in the meantime, had already gathered at the common area. Once the tour around the home was done, it was Game Time!

Several Captain Ball matches were played and the final match was Adults vs Children! After a group photo session, it was teatime, where the adults had the chance to interact with the boys.

Members of the public wishing to do their bit may contact Salvation Army Ipoh Boys Home at 4367 Jalan Tambun, 31300 Ipoh, Perak. Contact the Superintendent for more information at 05-545 7819.


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