Ipoh’s Junior Ambassadors


Ipoh City Council held a farewell party for a delegation of eight to Fukuoka, Japan, Ipoh’s sister city recently. Under this Asian-Pacific Children’s Convention (APCC) Invitation Project, four pupils aged 11 and 12 from schools in Ipoh were selected to be junior ambassadors. They were joined by two peace ambassadors from the Bridge Club of Ipoh and two liaison officers from the city council.

Ipoh's Junior Ambassadors

The delegation will be in Fukuoka for ten days beginning July 12 to 22. Prior to their departure, the four, Sundesh Supparamaniam from SK Cator Avenue, Chew Khai Xing of SJK(C) Sam Tet, Siti Nur Syazwani Adam of SK Tarsician Convent and Pridhashrie a/p Nanda Kumar from SJK(C) Ave Maria Convent, attended Japanese language classes and cultural dance practices three times weekly for six weeks.

They were briefed on their roles as Ipoh junior ambassadors. Upon their return they are encouraged to be active in the city’s Bridge Club. Membership to the club is limited to participants of APCC missions from Ipoh.

The objective of APCC is to create “global citizens” true to its motto, “We are the BRIDGE: We connect dreams around the world.”