Railway Station Fountain Operational During Hari Raya.

The water fountain in front of the Ipoh railway station will be operational in time for Hari Raya Puasa.
This was revealed by Mayor Dato’ Roshidi Hashim following the full board meeting on Tuesday, July 30.
The fountain is called a dry, rhythmic water fountain. Unlike conventional fountain with a pond of water, this dry fountain has its pond underground.
There are two fountains at the railway garden, one fronting the Ipoh tree and the other adjacent to the cenotaph.
According to a Council spokesman, both the fountains will sprout water in different patterns and accompanied with coloured lights. The pattern changes at a 10-minute interval.  Each pattern is timed to last for 30 minutes thus allowing the fountain area to be dry before the program restarts.
Over the week, workers were seen aligning the water flow to prevent it from running onto the grass verge.
The facility, according to the spokesman, will operate at night between 8 pm and midnight. However, day time operation has yet to be confirmed.
Since the garden’s opening, the water fountain has been turned on only for specific occasions.

1 thought on “Railway Station Fountain Operational During Hari Raya.

  1. It is something to watch. The water pattern itself is soothing to the mind. There is excitement and happiness among the children. This is one place where the young and old gather as a family to relax. I would like to suggest that wooden or cement benches up put up for the senior citizens. Standing for sometime can be tiring. I now understand why there are not many leafy trees around as the leaves will clog the water system and bog it down.
    When the fountain project was initiated, it was reported that it would be a musical fountain. But I do not see any music around. What has MBI got to say about it.

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