Malaysia On Receiving End

After starting on a high note by trashing Chinese Taipei 10-2, the home team went down to Pakistan losing its second match 4-1.
The national team played a fine game but, unfortunately, the Pakistanis played better with speed and superior stick work.
Pakistan Team Manager Rasool Akhtar, at the post game interview, was happy that his team beat Malaysia. It was a psychological victory beating Malaysia on its own turf.
Revington was lost for words. “Pakistan played a good game with slick counter attacks and taking chances in the inside circle,” he quipped. “The players need to improve in these areas.”
Malaysia’s next game against Japan, said the South African coach is therefore crucial. “We’ve to put a better performance when meeting Japan on Tuesday, August 27.
The crowd on day two of the 9th Asia Cup was larger and so was the number of VVIPs. They included HRH Raja Dr Nazrin Shah, Perak Menteri  Besar Dato’ Seri Dr Zambry Abd Kadir and AHF Secretary General, Tan Sri P. Alagendra.