‘Quarry’s Response to Complaints’



I applaud the recent statement in Ipoh Echo by Lafarge Cement that they are taking steps to protect the biodiversity within its quarries. The Limestone hills here in the Kinta Valley are actually just the “Tip of the Iceberg” and very much more limestone lies underground according to geological surveys. I urge Lafarge to spare the hills and instead practise Sub-surface Quarrying.

They can start digging underground at their present quarry site instead of blasting more hills. Since the quarry site is already degraded, just continue going below the surface and spare the hills which are the homes of so much flora and fauna. Underground quarrying, when done on degraded land, is much less damaging to the environment.

I believe that Hume Cement near Kampar is using Sub-surface Quarrying for their limestone. The hills in the Kinta Valley are of great benefit to all living things so please spare them from further destruction.

Robert Percival
Taman Tambun

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  1. [ Cockroach on Food ]

    Report to myaduan@nccc.org.my !!!

    When reported they act normally and it’s like normal for them.
    Not even apology a single word

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