State Government to the Fore

 In an effort to address the plight of commuters in Taiping and areas within Krian District due to the closure of the Red Omnibus Company recently, the state government has identified a bus operator to replace the former.
Perak Transit will replace Red Omnibus to service commuters in Krian District
Red Omnibus had been servicing the routes between Taiping, Bagan Serai, Kuala Kurau, Selama, Tanjung Piandang and Parit Buntar for the last 75 years. It decided to call it quits on Sunday, September 1, as it could no longer operate effectively due to escalating maintenance costs.
The new service provider is CKS Pte Ltd, which operates the Perak Transit buses.
(l-r) CKS Cheong, EPU Dato’ Abu Bakar,  CKS Amir Zulkifly (partly hidden) Dato Zainol and Ismail Che Hussein from SPAD)
The announcement was made by Dato’ Zainol Fadzi Paharudin, Executive Councillor for Infrastructure, Energy and Water and Public Utiliites during a media conference at the State Secretariat Building on Monday, September 2. Present at the conference were EPU Director Datuk Abu Bakar Said , SPAD Central Region chief Ismail Che Hussein and CKS Pte Ltd Executive Director Cheong Peak Sooi.
The state government, according to Zainol, had requested CKS Pte Ld to take over operations from the Red Omnibus Company effective Monday, September 2.. “This is an interim arrangement as discussions are ongoing between the company and SPAD. The Ipoh-based company has provided two buses to service the seven main routes between Kuala Kangsar to Parit Buntar operating from 6 am till 8 pm.”
The routes are Kuala Kangsar – Parit Buntar, Parit Buntar – Kuala Kurau, Parit Buntar – Tanjung Piandang, Bagai Serai – Changkat Lobak, Selama, Bagan Serai – Kuala Kurau, Taiping – Changkat Lobak – Bukit Merak dan Kg. Dew – Selinsing.
Incidentally, CKS Pte Ltd has permits to operate both express and stage buses in the said area. However, it has never utilised its stage buses as the routes were serviced by Red Omnibus Company.
For the time being CKS Pte Ltd would use its express buses to ply the seven routes. Amir Zulkifli Hashim, CKS Pte Ltd Operation Manager, acknowledged that the use of these buses might confuse commuters, as the word “Express” on the buses would create a wrong impression. “But that’s not the issue now,” he said.
Commuters wanting to inquire about this new service can call CKS Pte Ltd hotline at 016-5262884.