Assemblyman’s 3-in-1 Service Café


While most state assemblymen open service centre’s, Kepayang Assemblyman YB Nga Kor Meng exceeded his constituents’ expectation and opened a Service Café.

YB Nga (right) with Tan at The Roquette Cafe
YB Nga (right) with Tan at The Roquette Cafe


The café called ‘The Roquette Café’ is located at 101 Jalan Sultan Yussuf, Ipoh Old Town behind of Kong Heng Coffee Shop. Nga’s service centre is located at the back portion of the Café.

Nga described its address as being located at the ‘Heart of Kepayang’ explaining that the original name for Kepayang was Ipoh Old Town Assembly.


Besides the café and Nga’s service centre it also has a library under its roof hence the 3-in-1 concept.

During the elections in May Nga had used the lot next door as his campaign and operations office. When he won he decided to use the location as a service centre.

Realising the changing times where communities don’t just want to come to a service centre to make complaints Nga envisioned the idea of bringing the community together to share, talk and interact over a cup of coffee.

The basic concept was a service centre but to make it attractive and lively for the whole community.

To achieve his objective Nga teamed up with local coffee producer Chek Hup Sdn Bhd to open up The Roquette Café.

Roquette (pronounced row-ket) Café opens six days a week from Tuesday to Sunday. The opening times are from Tuesday to  Thursday (9am to 6pm), Friday and Saturday (9am-7pm) and Sunday (11am to 5pm).  YB Nga will be at the centre the whole day every Tuesday to meet his constituents.

Chek Hup Managing Director Joseph Tan Huang Kew described the concept of an attractive community service centre as being productive instead of using the space for a simple office.

Additionally it was also an opportunity to introduce ‘real coffee back to Ipoh’ the location that gave the world Ipoh White Coffee.


Roquette Café serves their customers single origin ground coffee with a filter, hot water and 80cc coffee cups.

As the customer brews his coffee the aroma of fresh coffee permeates his space. The freshly brewed coffee is usually consumed with additional flavorings such as sugar and milk though some will prefer to have theirs as is.

The café also serves pastries such as chocolate chilly macarons or fresh mango fruit flans just right to complement the fresh brewed coffee as you address your issues with your assemblyman.