Birds Take Centre Stage


Bird watching, a passion among nature lovers, took centre stage on the morning of Sunday, September 8 at Taiping Lake Gardens. Nature enthusiasts teamed up with Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) Perak Branch members to spot an array of delightful resident and migrant birds in their natural habitat at the popular park.

The participants, both children and adults, came armed with binoculars, cameras and telescopes, mounted on tripods, to catch sight of our “feathered friends” found in this highly frequented tourist landmark in Perak.

Birds Take Centre Stage

Birds Take Centre StageBirds like the Brown Shrike, Long-tailed Parakeet, Blue-tailed Bee-eater, Black-thigh Falconet, Purple Heron, Spotted Dove, White-throat Kingfisher, Yellow-vented Bulbul, Pink-necked Pigeon, Banded Woodpecker, Asian Glossy Starling, Night Heron, Brahminy Kite and Common Myna, among others, were seen congregating on trees and flying above and beside the lake’s greeneries. They also heard the calls of the Blue-eared Barbet but it was not easy to spot the bird.

Among the more than 20 participants was Lee Chu Teng, principal of SMK Methodist, Sungai Siput. Lee enjoys nature and had brought his family of three along. “It’s all in the family when it comes to interest in nature. It’s also a novel event for people to get together to watch birds and talk about nature, conservation and environmental protection” said Lee.

Another was Dr Tie Hieng Kai of Columbia Hospital, Taiping. Tie came with his wife and two young daughters. “My family can appreciate nature with this event while getting to exercise at the same time. It’s definitely better than spending time on tablets and computers,” he enthused.

According to event organiser, Lee Kim Chye of MNS Perak Branch, over 90 types of resident and migrant birds can be found in Taiping.  “We gave participants a counting sheet listing at least 41 of them which could be seen at the Lake Gardens,” said Lee to Ipoh Echo.

Nirmal Ariyapala