Fund Raising Dinner by Perak Society for the Promotion of Mental Health


Fund Raising Dinner by Perak Society for the Promotion of Mental HealthPerak Society for the Promotion of Mental Health held its Fund Raising Charity Dinner at Ipoh City and Country Club. Organising Chairman, S. Sundralingam said that the Society runs its Day Care Centre by raising funds through activities such as orchid sales, ceramic projects, donations and important events like fund raising dinners. For almost 46 years, hundreds of emotionally disturbed and medically cured mental health patients have received care and rehabilitation. “Joy is in Giving”.

President of the Society, Dato’ Dr M. Majumder said that there are over a hundred residents staying at the centre and it is for psychosocially disabled persons who are rehabilitated and sent back into society. They are in the process of raising funds for a multipurpose building which could be rented for seminars and other functions to generate funds. There is a stigma about mental illness and the families do not accept the patients. Mental illness needs lifetime treatment and is controllable. The patients do not need pity but compassion and help. Mental illness can occur to any one of us at any time due to depression and anxiety.

Guest of Honour, Assemblyman for Cenderiang, Dato’ Dr Mah Hang Soon said that the government is aware of the increase in mental illness and government hospitals have set up psychiatric wards and there are also psychiatric clinics to treat mental patients. The policy is to train family members to look after mentally ill patients and ensure that they take their medication. Dr Mah cited two instances which he knew of mental patients being abused. A mentally ill man in Tapah was beaten by his sons and suffered a fractured arm and a young woman in her late twenties was abused by foreigners in Taman Mas.

One in six people in the country is afflicted with some form of mental illness.

For further information, call the society at 05-533 2167.