New Dialysis Machine for Centre


The Hope Haemodialysis Centre, located at 43 Jalan Lasam, recently received a new kidney dialysis machine, valued at RM35,000, from Latter-Day Saint Charities, an arm of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The Centre was founded 12 years ago, as a social outreach ministry of the Canning Garden Methodist Church to provide Haemodialysis for the poor and needy who cannot afford dialysis at the hospital.

New Dialysis Machine for Centre

Dr Su Too Kiat, founder and President of the Centre, is a practicing general practitioner in Ipoh. Haemodialysis prolongs life and improves its quality and enables patients to be gainfully employed. The Centre accepts patients irrespective of race or religion. The Centre is staffed by qualified nurses. In addition, volunteer doctors, including a nephrologist and a cardiologist, visit the patients in the Centre regularly.

The Centre operates 12 hours a day, six days a week, even on public holidays. It is closed on Sundays. The Centre has 12 machines, each of which operates over 8 hours per day. The average life of a machine is 10 years.

The Centre is run as a non-profit service to help poorer patients who suffer from kidney failure, with donations from the Canning Methodist Church, public donations, and financial assistance from the Malaysian government.

Haemodialysis is only a stopgap measure to improve the quality of life and enable patients to be gainfully employed. The final objective for a more permanent cure is a kidney transplant.

Upon receiving the machine, Dr Su Too Kiat said, “We appreciate your kind generosity. With constant use, the machines wear out after about ten years and so this machine will be a great addition to the Centre. It is a wonderful day for everyone here.”

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