Beyond Ketupat and Kimchi


Ipohites will be treated to a cultural exchange extravaganza this weekend by the presentation ‘Beyond Ketupat & Kimchi: Celebrating our Cultural Inheritance’ a Korean and Malaysian cultural dance presentation.


The event will be held at the Ipoh Town Hall this Saturday October 12 at 730pm.

The cultural dances will be performed by Branch 2 Dance, a traditional Korean national dance team and Gema Warisan Budaya presenting a sampler of traditional Malaysian dances.

The presentation is organised by event company ‘The Brain Truster’ and ‘Prospect’.

According to Danielle Liang of The Brain Truster the purpose of organizing the event was to create awareness for cultural heritage preservation.

Branch-2-Dance troupe with Danielle Liang (in green dress)
Branch-2-Dance troupe with Danielle Liang (in green dress)

To emphasize her point of cultural heritage she held her press conference at the Happy 8 Hotel at Old Town, a restored shop lot turned boutique home stay while the event will be held at Ipoh Town Hall, Old Town built in 1917.

On the night a unique art exhibition comprising painting and installation arts will be on display contributed by both Malaysian and Korean artists each giving their interpretation of what Malaysia is to them.

For more info on the event please contact Ms Daniele Liang:012-9373123 , or