Neighbourhood Watch to Curb Crime


Neighbourhood Watch

The residents of Ipoh Garden and Canning Garden are united in their quest for a clean, friendly and crime-free neighbourhood. They subscribe to the idea that establishing a neighbourhood watch is not about spying on one’s neighbour or wanting to be nosy. Such a thing has been in existence since the 1980s when Rukun Tetangga was vogue. The government-sponsored programme went on for some time but got mired in bureaucracy and officialdom and eventually faded into oblivion.

However, with criminal activities on the rise within the city, reintroducing the scheme is not only practical but a necessity. Considering it as a bold step forward, the residents of the two housing estates pooled their resources and started their own neighbourhood watch.

The initiative named, “Ipoh Garden Zone 8 Neighbourhood Watch”, was officially launched on Tuesday, October 22 at its base in Jalan Serindik, Ipoh Garden. There to do the honours was Dato’ Abdul Wahab bin Dato’ Seri Azizul Hassan, Orang Kaya-kaya Panglima Kinta Seri Amar Bangsa DiRaja who is Chairman of the Perak State Liaison of the Malaysian Crime Prevention Foundation. The ceremony was witnessed by over a hundred residents who had braved inclement weather to provide event coordinator, Christopher Netto, the much-needed support.

Zone 8 covers over 500 houses stretching from Jalan Pekeliling Tasek to Jalan Murai and Jalan Tasek to Jalan Dato’ Lau Pak Khuan.


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  1. I don’t think I saw more than 50 people at the event ! Such proposals(Neighborhood Watch) and set-ups to prevent crime have been done before and inevitably end up ‘stale’ and dead in no time at all! The speech given during the event repeated the 8tatement by IGP on the ‘rights of Police’ to shoot first when criminals are identified and was always requiring that the citizen should do this and that to prevent crime. The man-in-the street would like to see more motivation on the part of the Police personnel, especially at the Stations to provide confidence to the public reporting crime that action will be taken by the Police to foil robberies, snatch-thieves, burglaries, etc,1nstead of bemoaning the inadequacies of the PDRM ! Who else can the ordinary victim depend on to seek protection from such crimes.

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