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Peter Chan – Property Man of the Year - 3Three years ago, on November 30, 2010, Ipoh Echo highlighted in its editorial about a “haven not yet lost” in reference to one Peter Chan “whose love for Ipoh was second to none.” In spite of “his foreign affiliations he foresaw a demand in luxury condominiums in Ipoh” and set about to build three towers against the backdrop of a pristine tropical jungle with an imposing rock as its centerpiece. Peter Chan’s Haven Lakeside Residence in Tambun is now almost complete with over 90 per cent of apartment units taken up.

Many have underestimated the resolve of this man while some had the audacity to dismiss him as a fake. But as soon as his project began to take shape they went on a witch hunt to put him out to pasture for good.

The ugly side of business rivalry began in earnest. Rumours were being deliberately circulated to deride Peter Chan and his project. “I had so many cancellations. Some were for no apparent reasons other than a nagging spouse who was not in favour of the locality. It’s so frivolous and also discouraging,” he lamented. Peter’s perseverance, fortunately, is his strong point. He remained unshakable.

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Every cloud has a silver lining, so goes the oft-quoted proverb. Peter’s silver lining comes in various shapes and sizes, if the shape, size and colour of his awards are anything to go by. Today, after having won 18 national and international awards for his high-rise condominium project, the only one of its kind in Ipoh and, by extension, Perak; Peter Chan can no longer be taken for granted.

Adding to his growing list of awards and, probably the most prestigious and most acclaimed nationwide, is the Property Man of the Year Award. The Malaysian Reserve, a premier business daily, picked thirteen developers to grace its fourth edition of The Malaysian Reserve Property Press Award 2013 held at the glitzy ballroom of the Kuala Lumpur Ritz Carlton on Friday, November 8.

And having bagged this momentous property award, Peter Chan stands tall among the accomplished and the renowned developers in the country. In his acceptance speech, Peter rightly pronounced that the award was a timely recognition and acknowledgement for small-time players like him in the industry. A fine accomplishment for a grossly misunderstood man who had fulfilled a dream despite the staggering odds.

Kudos to you, Peter Chan. You have made Ipoh proud.

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  1. Peter is a man of integrety and a man of honesty . It is not easy to build such condominiums in area like Ipoh . Because of his vision he’s able to bring it to pass in reality, eventhough there is so much obstacle that prevent him from builiding such a wonderful Haven . Good Job !

  2. Congrats Mr Chan! Through perseverance and sheer hard work, you have managed to venture where others were reluctant and pessimistic. You have proven to one and all that you are a force to be reckoned with. Your faith in God and the city of Ipoh has not failed you.

    Looking forward to see the completed Haven in all its glory.

  3. The Haven in Ipoh is surely of quality, excellence management and innovation. It is SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL and SERENE!

  4. Salute! Peter is indeed a great entrepreneur, opening a new
    dimension in Ipoh. With this, Peter has brought Ipoh to the next level
    compatible to an international standard in the building industry.
    Bravo – keep up the excellent work!

  5. THE HAVEN is truly a wonderful place filled with fresh air n
    sunshine, Magnificent view, simply awesome!!

    Last year, my friend passed by The Haven,
    Visited THE HAVEN and was so impressed by the surrounding
    scenery, they Immediately bought a unit of Rm800k plus. They
    are looking forward to enjoy the quality of life in Haven!

    I know you have suffered much pain to
    fulfill your vision and to prosper the IPOH CITY,
    All I can say is When God is with you, you are the majority!!

    Against all odds you have done it and put
    The Haven In the World Map. Congrats again and God bless!

  6. Well done peter n as abuyer of haven I saw the great leadership n passion in your believes that haven will be completed .despite all odds n the amount of efforts by ??? To bring you down. The haven is breath taking , quality build n price affordable. The haven will be the one n only truly top class condo in Ipoh that all can be proud of. I doubt anyone can repeat what u have done for Ipoh.Well done n congrats Peter . There is a saying ” those whom laugh last laugh best”

  7. I have been to The Haven no less than 5 times. The units used very good quality materials and workmanship is very good. If only I have a bit of cash I would have loved to own a unit! and…. profit tremendously from it today. 🙂 Peter where’s your next project?

  8. Thank you Peter for your leadership in making The Haven in the world map. Ipoh has been long by passed by other cities and I am truly grateful that I am the proud buyer of this project.. Your vision and passion towards this project is exceptional..Looking forward to move in before Christmas… May God vindicated you and restore you with greater business opportunity and good health..

  9. Congrats & TQ to Mr Peter Chan & the Haven Team for the great achìevement. Had the vicious sabortage been successful, Ipoh would be left behind in progress / development and the Haven purchasers financially-troubled. Against the accusation that Mr Peter Chan had raised the Ipoh property prices to the dismay of young Ipohites, I say this is progress for Ipoh City to catch-up with Georgetown, Penang and Kuala Lumpur. Moreover, state / national interest is above personal interest. ONE WORLD ONE HAVEN, ONE FAMILY ONE HARMONY.

    Jim Chiang(Pg)

  10. The project is indeed more than just building buildings. It is the living out of a passion. We buyers are the beneficiaries of that passion. Thanks Peter.

  11. The Haven is just not about building and selling a condominium project which embraces nature, it turned out to be a Belief. Not a complicated one, just believe that negativity wins you nothing, and righteousness is more important than any gains. Congratulations Peter!

  12. Happy are those who dream dreams and are willing to pay the price to make them come through. Peter, I salute you! Keep it up.

  13. The proof of the pudding as they say is in the eating. So why choose to believe in hearsay? See it for yourself, it is indeed a stunning place! Happy are those who dream dreams and are willing to pay the price to make them come through. Peter, I salute you!

  14. I am a proud owner of an apartment in The Haven and have watched its progress over the past three years.
    Congratulations, Peter Chan, for your steadfastness, against the odds, in making The Haven the success that it evidently is.
    I so look forward to being able to move in in the New Year and to enjoy, from there, the benefits of a resurgent Ipoh and the State of Perak.
    Enjoy !

  15. Congratulations Peter. Truly deserving after all you hv been thru. Moving forward all critics shud offer their apoligies n whats most important is to work together in unity to bring Ipoh to the World. Peter is truly a proud icon and worthy anak Ipoh !

  16. Anyway anyway. The evidence speaks for itself regardless of bad mouth or marketing gimmick.
    As an Ipoh boy and being away for the last 20 years abroad – when I got back in three years ago – Nothing has changed except hearing news about the first ever luxury condo about to take its pace in Ipoh.

    Today a lot of people fr outside Ipoh say – hey seems like there are a lot of highrise development going on in Ipoh…bizzare. What a haven project for Ipoh!

  17. Detractors/bullies should just wake up and smell the newsprint. While you were busy sabotaging, Peter Chan dug in his heels to work hard for what he believes in — that sleepy Ipoh deserves its day in the sun again with a unique, stunning project like The Haven. He even chalked up plenty of positive press and a list of regional and international awards along the way. Gotta respect the man for achieving what seems impossible, in the face of so much ugly jealousy.

    As a property columnist with a Singapore magazine, I have seen many beautiful and luxurious condo projects in Singapore and abroad but The Haven has that special something that caught my eye and captured my heart. Certainly, I have never met a developer as hands-on, passionate and sincere as Peter Chan, too. A well-deserved win and a true inspiration. Can’t wait to see The Haven in all its completed glory soon.

  18. Congratulations, Peter, on your successful completion of The Haven, despite the numerous obstacles placed by the nay sayers, prophets of doom, saboteurs, etc. Hope your recognition and awards will put to rest once and for all those negative elements.

  19. I work in KL but my best memories of Ipoh were the many nights spent camping as a boy scout in Hertslets Camp near the site of the Haven. The idea of buying a property surrounded by the beautiful scenery of my scouting days was attractive. I was one of the early buyers and never had any doubt that Peter Chan would deliver. I have bought properties but never before have I met a Developer who comes out to talk to clients. In all other cases I have had to deal with a clerk at the sales office. Peter Chan came out to personally to sell his Haven and that convinced me he would deliver. None of the other developers who badmouthed the Haven would have ever considered coming out to meet their clients. Have you ever bought something from someone who does not care to meet you?

  20. Peter Chan,
    Well deserved recognition for your effort & perseverance… It’s a personal triumph for yourself and a repositioning for Ipoh as a very live-able city in Malaysia…
    Bravo… Hats off to you!

  21. a hearty congratulations to the man behind the scene. indeed a spectacular project despite its challenges especially in the mindsets of the local market. nevertheless, beating odds is what Peter does best and that is a characteristic envied by many and must be adopted by most to excel in business and ultimately in life!

  22. Those who know this man will come to like him, and some love him. He’s the only person I know who have no qualms about working seven days a week, in fact he enjoys it. Is it a surprise then of Haven’s success? Congrats Peter and your loyal following of team and fans!

  23. What a great achievement for this man!
    I remember Ipoh being a sleepy town 3
    years ago when The Haven was
    launched. There was so much negativity
    It’s really surprising that this man was not
    put down. Now that he has succeeded
    convincingly, Ipoh should rally around him
    now instead of creating obstacles in his
    path. A good thing like this only comes
    around once in a while, perhaps once
    every ten or twenty years, of at all!
    Kudos to Peter Chan. As the great
    English saying goes, one can never put
    a good man down.

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