The Start of An Illegal Rubbish Dump


 The Start of An Illegal Rubbish Dump2The Start of An Illegal Rubbish Dump1

MBI cleared an illegal rubbish dump at Jalan Chow Kai, Canning Garden and posted an anti-litter signboard. Very soon, a resident dumped garden waste immediately under the warning signboard.

Later a whole couch appeared beside the signboard which started the cycle again with a new illegal rubbish dump!

4 thoughts on “The Start of An Illegal Rubbish Dump

  1. no point in providing metal bins if the mindset of the people is still the same. change your mindset, change everything else!!!!!!

  2. I find some of the residents even in my housing area, they have a rich life, big house, posh car, beautiful wives. But they are inherited with 3rd class brains and 4th class mentality. Every time when I am out for my morning walk, I spot new piles of rubbish, unwanted furniture, our used bed matters and other items. People just throw garbage anywhere they like. It’s beyond their thinking capacity, that there’s such a threat to our environment because its polluting the air in several ways and making our environment unhealthy. Even though sometimes DBI does provide specific places to throw garbage, these people tend to ignore it. We have to change our mindset on this matter, otherwise even in 56 years to come, one will find people throwing rubbish everywhere.

  3. I think DBI should provide some appropriate metal bins meant for garden waste only and unload it once a month.

  4. There are many similar occurring around Ipoh Garden East. At both ends of Laluan Peajurit 10. I wonder what the authorities are doing at leaset in your case there are signage’s to stop them but in many cases there are no actions at all. Every now and then someone would just set the whole pile on fire endangering the residence near by and also the motorist. Its time DBI start taking a serious view about this. PLEASE

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