Ipoh Echo is, in essence, a community-based newspaper established with the sole aim of providing a platform for the residents of Ipoh to voice and share their views, concerns and happiness. It acts as a medium to breach the gap between the authorities and the citizens. Ipoh Echo is the brainchild of three individuals who share a common desire to articulate their thoughts via the print media without fear or favour.

Ipoh Echo was granted a printing permit by the Ministry of Home Affairs (KDN) in July 2005 but began publishing only in January 2006. It started with a modest circulation of 5,000 copies in an 8-page format distributed free to Ipohites. It is a bi-monthly publication and has remained as such.

In an effort to enhance operations, Ipoh Echo was relocated from its former premises at Syuen Hotel to its present site at No 1, Jalan Lasam, Ipoh. The move was completed on September 16, 2007.Effective December 2007, Ipoh Echo had migrated from its erstwhile 8-page format to a 12-page format and printed on hi-brite paper. Circulation was increased to 15,000 copies subsequently.

Presently, Ipoh Echo is distributed to almost all major towns in Perak. In Ipoh, the paper is sent direct to readers’ homes by news vendors. It is also available at selected news stands within the city. Ipoh Echo remains a free newspaper. Its online version has undergone several changes since a permanent website was introduced in January 2008. We are in the process of improving it further to reach out to our readers within and without the country.

Circulation as at January 2009 has hit the 20,000 mark. Incidentally, Ipoh Echo is the only community newspaper in the country. There are a couple in the Klang Valley but they are newsletters with a commercial undertone. It is our fervent hope that with our presence it would encourage others to follow suit.

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