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MBI Must Get Date Right


First I must say that I am not nitpicking on a typo error. The signboard concerned is in front of the pick-up area of passengers in the railway station and in a strategic location. The railway station is one of the main gateways to Ipoh.

The signboard in front of the passenger pick-up area giving particulars of the project being carried out in the field opposite the station states that the completion date is July 15, 2012; the same date is given on the signboard placed in front of the Town Hall. Only ground work is being done and maybe the year must be wrong.

Passengers waiting for transport have nothing to do and read the signboard which is in front of them. I also read it while waiting for transport and another passenger standing beside me pointed out the error as well.

This error may be considered insignificant, but it gives a bad impression of MBI to tourists and visitors on how they manage their projects. It shows the calibre of people they employ. The error should be corrected immediately and the correct completion date given. MBI staff must be more alert and prevent embarrassments like this.

I feel bad when outsiders point out these things to me.

A. Jeyaraj

Greentown Grief


Finding a parking space at Greentown Business Centre is always a chore. The ordeal is made more frustrating whenever you spot an empty lot only to discover some selfish and inconsiderate motorist’s parking had overlapped onto the next parking space depriving you the use of the space.

However, it is the motorcycle parked in the centre of the car parking lot that you have to take your hat off to for this motorist doesn’t have to pay for a parking ticket and won’t get fined either.


Stop constructing food court opposite Syariah Court


Jalan Maxwell, Jalan Taman PariA food court is being constructed at the traffic light junction of Maxwell Road and Jalan Taman Pari in front of the Syariah Court. This is a busy junction and motorists from Jalan Taman Pari turn into Maxwell Road and cut across to the right lane; causing a traffic jam. There is no parking facility here. Behind the food court, a new project consisting of shop houses is coming up. This is going to increase the parking problem and traffic congestion.

Abdul Halim Saad, Director, MBI Licensing and Enforcement Department demolished stalls in Kampong Pengkalan Pegoh because they were located at a dangerous spot along a busy road. If Abdul Hamid demolishes stalls in the outskirts of the city because they are in dangerous locations, then how was permission given for construction of a food court at this place? Why the double standard?

MBI officers must visit the site and put a stop to the project. No public hearing was held with the residents to get their views. Meanwhile there are stalls operating in the afternoon and at night in this area. There are also a number of restaurants. There is no need for a new food court at this particular place. The Syariah court has a large parking area which is mostly empty and if necessary, can build a food court there. This would be more appropriate.


Stall Occupying Pedestrian Walkway


ipoh echo issue 143, eating stall obstructionIn NST’s Streets Northern (April 26, 2012), there was a news item of MBI demolishing stalls in Kampung Pengkalan Pegoh for occupying state land.

Abdul Halim Saad, Director, MBI Licensing and Enforcement Department was quoted as saying that the stalls were demolished because they were located at a dangerous spot along a busy road.

After reading this news, a number of readers called about a stall which is occupying the pedestrian walkway at the junction of Jalan Tingkat Pasar and Jalan Datuk Onn Jaafar. This is a very busy road and buses use the right side of the road next to the stall to turn into Jalan Datuk Onn Jaafar. It is not safe for pedestrians to walk on the road. This stall has been there for a long time. Can Abdul Halim justify why he is allowing this stall to operate, instead of demolishing it?

A. Jeyaraj

Flea Market Must Be Relocated


ipoh echo issue 142, Ipoh's flea marketI have been visiting the Sunday Flea Market from the time it was operating from the back lane behind Lam Looking Bazaar. The present location has become very congested and with three hotels operating on Horley Street, it is inconvenient for the guests. The location in the heart of the city centre is also causing traffic jams and parking problems for motorists.

There is a more suitable and convenient place from where this market can function. Medan Istana is deserted on Sundays. This is a very big rectangular area and cars can be parked along the roads on the perimeter. There are no busy roads nearby. Geographically the place is next to Jalan Lim Bo Seng, from where the present market is operating. A new road has been built from Jalan Lim Bo Seng to Medan Istana along the Kinta River.

Since this is a big area, MBI can be innovative and allocate dedicated areas to stalls, based on the products they sell. Stalls can be separated into those selling antiques and old items, shoes, clothes, trinkets and new items, fruits, food, etc. This would be convenient for shoppers and it would not be necessary for them to walk all over the place to look for what they want.

MBI must seriously consider this option and regular shoppers would support this move. It would also provide a better image to tourists and we can attract more local and international tourists. This is also one of the unique attractions of Ipoh.

A. Jeyaraj

Newly-Paved Silibin Road Is Sinking


Newly-paved Silibin Road is sinkingThe whole stretch of Silibin Road was resurfaced and upgraded to dual lanes about a year ago. However, the section of the road between Jalan Hassan and Our Lady of Lourdes Church started sinking on the left side soon after paving.

Perhaps it is due to an improper gradient of the road and stagnated rain water. When it rains, puddles of water form along the road. Despite the recent resurfacing, patchwork repairs have already been done in a number of locations. The road is uneven.  In fact, the section of road in front of Gayathri Supermarket was raised to avoid flooding after rain.

A new road must not have these flaws. Engineers from MBI must visit the place and assess the situation.

A. Jeyaraj

Long Wait for Appointment


Recently, when I went to Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun for a routine eye check up, I was able to see the doctor within an hour; but had to stand in the queue for more than 45 minutes to fix a date for the next appointment. With the implementation of their new computerised system, the process is very slow. Two nurses are involved in fixing the dates. The first nurse fixes the date to see the doctor and passes the appointment card to the second nurse who fixes the date for the field test. Most of the patients in the queue were senior citizens. The eye drops applied before checking the eyes blurs the vision and keeping the eyes open in the bright light is uncomfortable.

Previously when the appointment was fixed manually, the nurse took the appointment card and used a calendar to fix the date. The process was very fast. To speed up the process, the dates can be given manually and at end of the day the data can be uploaded into the computer. If this system is implemented the patients would not be required to wait for such a long time.

The authorities must take action to reduce waiting time.

A. Jeyaraj

Taxi Parking Bays Needed for Railway Station


When I went to pick up my friend from the Railway Station, two taxis, without the drivers, were parked in the pickup area for passengers. A long row of cars were queuing behind the taxis waiting for their turn, not knowing that the two taxis were parked permanently. This caused additional congestion.

There is no dedicated parking area for taxis in the railway station. Taxis are parked all over the place. MBI must reserve four parking bays in front of the pickup area for taxis. A signboard must also be placed indicating the fare to various destinations from the station as is being done at Medan Gopeng bus terminal. The taxis are charging a minimum of RM10 for a journey.

A. Jeyaraj

Pedestrian Crossing


More Hindrance than Help

Imagine using a pedestrian crossing along a busy road and coming up to a wall of railings. A nifty quick step to look for a gap and squeeze between the railings to get on to the pavement is needed before the impatient traffic zooms by. And judging by the width of the gaps, it’s a feat only managed by the anorexic.

This is the situation at the Jalan Hospital-Fair Park traffic-light junction beside the mosque. The question to be asked is this: are these railings more of a hindrance than help for pedestrians? It also shows that the pavements and crossings in the city are not pedestrian friendly.

Ipoh City Council needs to explain how this could have happened without any of its officials taking note of the situation, or have they chosen to ignore it? Where is the commonsense that there should be an opening at both ends of a pedestrians’ crossing?

The city council is currently erecting railings in various parts of the city in an effort to beautify the city and for the safety of pedestrians. These particular railings (see pic) need to be modified for the safety of those using the pedestrians’ crossing.

Jerry Francis

Slippery Entrance to Special Traffic Court


The entrance to the Special Traffic Court along Jalan Panglima Bukit Gantang Wahab here is sloping upwards to the door. The slope is steep and the surface is of smooth cement, creating a slipping hazard.

Social worker, Hamid Lee Abdullah, said that he had seen a number of people; especially senior citizens slip and fall. During rainy days the situation becomes more dangerous. He had informed the court officials of the problem, but no action has been taken.

The surface of the entrance must be replaced with relatively smooth but slip resistant material to prevent people from slipping. The slope must be made gradual or construct steps to make it user friendly.

The authorities must not wait for a serious accident to happen before taking action.