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Six-tonne Truck Slams into Vehicles


On Thursday, September 13, the crossroad and traffic lights along Km4 Jalan Seri Manjung – Segari were in chaos after a 6-tonne truck slammed into nine stationary vehicles waiting for the traffic lights to change.

The stretch is among the busiest routes in Sitiawan, as the road provides access to the industrial area. The horrendous incident took place at about 3pm. The road is infamous for its heavy traffic with heavy vehicles moving in and out of the industrial zone.

According to eyewitness accounts, the lorry did not appear to slow down as it approached the traffic lights. The truck slammed and wrecked six cars and three motorcycles.

The riders of the motorcycles were flung off their bikes and thrown a good distance away across the road. It was miraculous that the crash victims merely sustained superficial injuries.

The cars were so badly wrecked that firemen had to cut through the metal to get to the victims. They were treated at the Manjung District General Hospital. Rela volunteers assisted the police and fire department by directing the traffic and helping with the injured.


Students Dies from Head Wounds


A freak accident along an unpaved stretch on a road in Lintang took the life of a Form Six student recently.

Nor Amitah Ghazali, 18, from Rancangan Perumahan Awam, Lasah was riding his motorcycle on the way to his school on the fateful morning when the accident occurred. He ran over an unmarked hole and was thrown off his machine. His head hit the road and he passed out. Nor was rushed to the Ipoh General Hospital but fell into a coma. He died nine days later on Friday, September 21 without ever recovering.

Nor’s parents blamed the authorities for not paving the road in spite of its hazardous conditions.  His father, Ghazali Ismail, 59, had lodged a report with the Sungai Siput Police Station.

Adun for Lintang, Dato’ Ahamad Pakeh Adam visited the accident site recently and confirmed the situation.  “Although the stretch has been hastily paved it’s still not safe for road users,” he told reporters. “Other parts of the Lintang road are in similar shape. The absence of signage is another factor,” he lamented.

The state assemblyman cautioned road-users to be extra vigilant when using the road as it is still not safe for use. He urged the Public Works Department to remedy the situation as soon as possible.