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The Magic of 101010

The Baby

Mr Tan Chiew Wei & his wife, Mdm Yeoh Wai Kwan with their new born daughter born at 12.57 a.m., weighing 2.9kg, at Kinta Medical Centre
The Birthday

“My name is Foo Yit Lim. I am celebrating my 10th birthday on the 10th minute of the 10th hour, of the 10th day, of the 10th month, in the 10th year of the new millennium. “

Foo Yit Lim is the grandson of Dato’ Dr Foo Wan Kien, and his father Foo Hon Lim are both notable members of the Lions Movement
The Weddings

It’s not an auspicious date neither superstitiously significant. Yet thousands of couples from around the country if not the rest of the world chose this day to tie the knot.

In Ipoh 100 couples said “I do” at the Chin Woo hall. Most said that it was time to make the commitment while most others felt that the numbers were a perfect combination to settle down.
For businessman Steven Gan, 31, and Joyce Ng, 30, a customer-service representative who have been together for several years the date presented a goal to make their commitment to each other.

For bride Tan Chai Har, 28, and groom Cheah Hoong Chuang, 27, who have been courting for 10 years, little did they realise when they picked the date that Chai Har’s younger brother Tan Kah Joon too would propose to his sweetheart of two years, 23-year-old Choo Choy Fun, making it a doubly joyous occasion for the family.

Ng Seow Bee,28, is probably the only bride for which the date has the most meaning as it is also her birthday. She and her groom, Ang Kok Pun, were discussing her upcoming birthday in June when Ang proposed that they get married on 101010. They had been courting for two years.
Maybe the number does have some magical power that make couples want to take the marital plunge after all.