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Autism Awareness


The Autism Aspergers Help Association (AAHA) successfully held their autism awareness walk last month.

Titled ‘Walk for Autism 2011’ its goal was to create public awareness of the growing needs of children with autism.

AAHA President Dr Shan N. Narayanan in his speech explained that Autism is a developmental disorder and is increasing in numbers. “Autism not only impacts the child but the family and community too”. The need to create awareness is addressed by offering parents information on signs, detection, diagnosis and where they can get help.

The most important thing is for parents to accept that their children are autistic and realise there is help available. Dr Shan said it had been scientifically proven that the earlier an intervention programme is started with autistic children, the more likely is the outcome to be better than when they start kindergarten at six years old.

The association, which was set up last year, was also trying to raise funds to set up a kindergarten to cater to children with autism in Ipoh. Assisting Dr Shan with the organising of the event was AAHA Programme Co-ordinator and Principal of Blooming Kids Inclusive-Play School Mrs Michele Cheah.

Dr Shan also thanked Ipoh City Council’s secretary Dato’ Abdul Rahim Ariff for officiating at the event and for allowing the use of the facilities at the Polo Grounds.