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Happy Bercham Residents


In mid-July residents at Lengkok Bercham Timur 4, Taman Pakatan Bercham voiced their annoyance over the dust being stirred up daily due to construction work being carried out at the retention pond on the road where they live.

The construction work being carried out is part of a RM422,000 flood mitigation project by MBI to alleviate the flood woes of the nearby housing estates of Taman Desa Impian, Taman Kinta Mas, Taman Syabas and Taman Syabas Baru.

The project which started in March was scheduled for completion by June. Due to the ongoing construction work, Lengkok Bercham Timur 4, was dusty daily and the residents voiced their impatience when the completion deadline was extended.


Bercham Councillor Ir David Lai Kong Phooi met with the residents, Karen Lee who runs the Minda Jaya Kindergarten as well as neighbours Gloria Christy and Seraphim Teresa, all residents on the road and committed to them that MBI would resurface the road by the fourth week of July in order to alleviate the dust problem.

To the joy of the residents, MBI went the extra mile and resurfaced the road the same week.


The flood mitigation project includes construction of box culverts to divert water to the retention pond and rubbish traps called Gross Pollutant Traps to filter out rubbish. Once completed, a 5-foot fence will close off the pond to prevent residents from throwing rubbish into the pond. The work includes cleaning the pond and its surroundings.happy bercham2