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Nativity Play Reliving The Birth Of Jesus Christ


Its Christmas and the Churches around Ipoh have been busy putting up the Nativity Play depicting the birth of Jesus Christ.

For OMPH Church the preparation for the play was done by the Sunday school teachers and began at the beginning of November after the end of the PMR examination. Parents / teachers and former students helped organize the script, rearrange the music and design the set. The week before opening night saw a daily hive of activity.

The result was a successful show which saw the audience’s lively participation in the carol singing and children listening attentively with wide eyes to the play.

Over at the Church of St Michael Ipoh their show was a similar success with many parishioners and public,  praising the organizers for a good show even though the play was in the Chinese dialect. For most of the audience, it was the Nativity Play, where everyone knew the script by heart.

The play at St Michaels was organised by the Chinese Apostolate group. This was their first ever effort and due to the encouragement of former Parish Priest Fr Michael Cheah. This being their first time, their preparations started in August. Their show was held over 3 nights. The show has been invited to perform in Play Penang and will be performing at the Holy Spirit Cathedral Hall on 26 December.

According to the spokesmen from both the churches the importance of staging the Nativity Play was to instill in children the real meaning of Christmas and its origins. From the way the children had been attentively listening I believe the message got through.