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Car Park Markings


I wish to bring to your kind attention the following:

  1. The car park markings at the Medan Selera Stadium were not drawn correctly. Being one way, the car parks should be marked slightly slant and not at right angle to the curbs.  Furthermore certain stretches were marked slant the wrong way! Please highlight this to the Ipoh City Council to remark same. Many car drivers found straight parking extremely difficult decided to park slanting occupying 2 parking lots. This has put the whole parking area into chaos.
  2. City Council recently resurfaced most roads in Ipoh. One part they left out were the side tables of Jalan Ghazali Jawi fronting the stadium complex. City Council should allocate some fund to improve the side tables. Presently they are an eyesore as this is an important road that host many important and International events. They must continue to allow parking at the side tables for Pasar Malam and Football Matches where the allocated car parks at the stadiums are not sufficient.

    Ir Fong Chin On