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Pranic Healing Dinner Talk


About 77 people attended the dinner talk on Pranic Healing at the Syuen Hotel recently. The event was sponsored by Mr & Mrs S.C. Lee. Main speaker Madam Indra Ramamoorthy (pic) of the Centre for Prana Yoga & Self Transformation said that Pranic healing utilises ‘prana’, a Sanskrit word meaning ‘life-force’ or better known in Chinese as ‘Chi’, to heal physical and emotional ailments.

It is a ‘no-touch, no-drug’ therapy where blockages to the ‘chakras’ or energy centres in the body are cleansed or removed in order for healing to occur. The organisation was founded by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, a Filipino Chinese, who is also the founder of modern Pranic healing. Today Pranic Healing is practiced all over the world and is achieving wide popularity in Malaysia.

Attendee Tim Woolbank who volunteered to be healed said, “I could feel the energy moving in waves up and down my upper body as she moved her hands”. A medical doctor Dr. Sathia also testified to using Pranic Healing in his practice and to its efficacy.

The Pranic Centre in Ipoh is at: Wisma Ehsan, 2-5, Jalan Sultan Yussuf, 30000 Ipoh. Call: 05-2554590 or 012-2959288, for an appointment.