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Invalid Lawrence Passes Away


Invalid Lawrence asses away

The second of the four invalid Francis brothers passed away on September 19. Lawrence Francis, 34, was a cerebral palsy patient along with his three other siblings. Elder brother, Morgan Francis, 36, died in his sleep in May 2010. They, with the exception of Patrick Francis, 41, who moves about in a wheelchair, are confined to bed as they are incapable of bodily movements due to their conditions.

The Francis brothers were adopted by the Y’s Men’s Club of Ipoh since 2007. The club sees to the siblings’ needs such as: food, clothing and  limited financial support. Members of the club visited the bereaved family recently to hand over some much needed necessities.

Readers wishing to donate can contact Jean Antonia at 016-519 1563 for details.


Festive Cheers


Members of Y’s Men’s Club Ipoh (YMCI) treated the four Francis brothers to a Christmas luncheon at their home in Taman Desa Rishah recently. The four brothers, Patrick, 37, Morgan, 32, Lawrence, 30 and Lourdes, 25, have been under the care of YMCI since 2007 when their plight was highlighted in the local news media.

They were born with cerebral palsy and are physically and mentally handicapped. With the exception of Patrick, who is able to move about in a wheelchair, the remaining siblings are confined to their chairs/beds and have to be aided in order to perform their bodily functions. Since the death of their parents they are left in the care of their sister, Jean Patrick Francis and her husband, Lazarus Says. The couple has no intention of sending them to a rehab centre believing that such a move would be costly and also inappropriate. “They will not get the kind of care we’re able to provide”, said Jean to Ipoh Echo. Club President, Tan Eok Chan, presented goodies to the bothers. The pitiful sight prompted two guests to make cash donations on the spot. Those wishing to extend a helping hand can contact Mr. Lazarus Says (012-5622344) or Y’s Man K. Letchimanan (012-5381939) for details.