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Effective Sales Force Recruitment


By See Foon Chan-Koppen

According to Dato’ Daniel Tay, who wrote an endorsement on the cover of this book, this is “a must have for both an intending employer and employee”. He also implores people to “read this book before either conducting or going for an interview”.

Joshua Tan who is currently a Sales Manager in one of the growing organisations in Ipoh, has written a ‘how-to’ book for those looking to recruit a powerful sales force. Although the emphasis is on recruiting sales people, the book is a veritable treasure trove of tips and tactics for the whole recruitment process in any department.

The book has many practical and useful examples and is laid out in chapters on all the topics pertaining to the recruitment process from pre-interview to selection, to the post-interview and the final words which details the various Malaysian laws around employment.

The appendices are useful with a sample application form, an interview rating form, part 3 of schedule 3 of the Employment Provident fund and SOCSO rates.

Joshua Tan has been in consumer sales for 20 years and has written several short training materials for the company he works for. He holds an MBA from Nottingham Trent University and is involved in several NGOs like the YMCA, the Haggai Institute and FGBMF.

This 90-page paperback is available for sale at MPH and Popular bookstores for RM24.90. Also from Joshua Tan at 016-5127635.