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KVWO Looking For Musicians


Kinta Valley Wind OrchestraThe Kinta Valley Wind Orchestra (KVWO), Ipoh’s very own home-grown orchestra, is looking for musicians.

This was announced by Eugene Pook (pic, black shirt), the Music Director of Kinta Valley Symphonic Society (KVSS), during its open day celebration to create awareness of its activities.

KVSS manages the two orchestras of KVWO and PPO, the Perak Philharmonic Orchestra which will be launched in the middle of this year. Both KVWO and PPO shared the stage on the day to showcase their talents to students, parents and guests.

According to Pook, 15 of its musicians will be leaving this year to pursue their studies.


Perak’s First and Only Wind Orchestra to Perform Inaugural Concert On July 4


Repertoire to include light classics, contemporary favourites, jazz and pop, accompanied by vocalists

The arrival of Kinta Valley Wind Orchestra (KVWO) will breathe new life into the Perak cultural scene!

Founded in January 2010 by Dato’ KK Lim, who is a staunch supporter of the arts, KVWO is the first and only symphonic band of its kind in Perak, formed as a first step towards the creation of a formal chamber orchestra in Perak.

According to Mr Eugene Pook, Music Director and Conductor of KVWO, the idea of forming a chamber orchestra is one that has long been cherished by Dato’ KK Lim, who also founded Perak Society of Performing Arts (PSPA) in the 1980’s and was its patron until he retired last year.

“KVWO is a bold first move towards realising that dream”, Pook says.

“As a wind symphonic band, KVWO consists of all orchestral instruments except strings – so no violin, viola or cello – and players perform without making movements, unlike the more expressive string players. Wind players express their skills through proper breathing techniques that require rigorous practice and discipline”, explains Pook.

Pook is excited about the potential of KVWO. The debut orchestra comprises a diverse and lively group of 45 members, who are from all strata of society, all age groups, from all across Perak, who share a deep commitment to excel in each of their respective wind instruments and who are passionate about playing.

“The orchestra is not restricted to professional musicians either.  As long as you play a wind instrument, are committed to regular practices, keen to improve your skills and to perform, it does not matter if you are ten years old or 70”, Pook adds.

The response from the community has been overwhelming.  The first audition alone yielded more than 65 people from all over Perak.  This enthusiasm has not wavered, with the group meeting once a week for rehearsals under the professional stewardship of Eugene Pook, himself an Anak Perak, who furthered his music career in New York for more than 8 years before coming home to Ipoh in 2009.

“It is this type of enthusiasm that we want to translate into our inaugural performance, to inspire our audiences and promote the potential of KVWO.  At the same time, we hope to attract more amateur musicians from across society, who may have talent untapped thus far, to come forward and develop their potential. This is part of the process of developing into a civilised society”, says Pook.

Pook is also appealing for funds from corporations and individuals to promote the objectives of KVWO.  “We hope to raise enough funds to make the Inaugural Concert a success; thereafter to be able to afford our own premises where we can conduct rehearsals, music seminars and activities. At the moment, our practice sessions are held at Creative Music Academy, thanks to the generosity of the proprietor, and for which we are most grateful; however this is not a solution for the long term”, he laments.

KVWO’s Inaugural Concert will be performed on July 4th at the Syuen Hotel Ballroom at 7:30 p.m. The programme will include contemporary favourites as well as light classics, jazz and pop songs. There will be a solo performance and several of the pieces will be accompanied by well-known Perak vocalists Miss Estee Pook and Mr Alan Low. In addition, soloists will also include Joost Flach, acclaimed co-principal oboist from the MPO, Philip Boey, GuZheng champion winner, and super saxophonist Mr. Foo Cheong Lin.

“It promises to be a night to remember, and we encourage the people of Ipoh to come and enjoy an evening of great entertainment and support our local musicians!” Pook adds.

For enquires contact: Ms Kum 012-5058466, Ms. Leong 016-5442573, Mr. Oong 016-4288328.

Tickets are available from: Creative Music (05-5479828), Yamaha Music School (05-2413388; 05-5455071), The Music Store (Tel. 05-5454111), and PSPA (Tel. 05-5487814).