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Giving Old Shoes a New Look


Taiping’s First Galleria’s curator, Anuar Isa, is not only promoting heritage and history but is also encouraging people to treat their shoes better!

First Galleria Taiping

It is only natural, as Anuar was once a professional shoe designer with Bata. So in keeping to his past penchant for shoes, Anuar organised a workshop with the theme, “Paint Your Old Shoes for a New Look”, for 25 children on a recent Sunday.

Although the event was tailor-made for kids, 15 adults joined in to learn more on how to care, treat and give a new look to their old pairs of shoes, which would have otherwise been assigned to the dustbin.

The art materials used during the workshop were various acrylic colour pigments, simple sets of brushes, palettes and water to mix the paint. The children brought various types of shoes, including wooden clogs, to be given creative and bold new paint and pattern jobs.

Technician S. Chandra Gopal, 40, said he learned how to extend the “lifespan” of his old shoes by better preserving them against fungus and decay. “I was surprised to learn that there’s a whole lot more to know about shoe care. My awareness in valuing my trusty old pairs of shoes has increased since,” he said.

Housewife Lily Chee, 39, who came with her sons Brian, 10, Anson, 7, and Christie, 6, said her children learned to be creative and artistic with their old shoes. “I can now extend their usage and, in doing so, save money,” she remarked.

First Galleria Taiping

Nirmal Ariyapala