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Sharanagati – Absolute Surrender


A night of wonder and beauty in motion. Listening to the crystal clear vocals of O.S. Arun along with his team of live music accompaniments was a rare treat indeed.

When the lights dimmed, the audience excitedly waited with bated breath for the performance to begin. Sukanya Venugopal’s very expressive narration in English, only heightened the anticipation and was a welcomed inclusion, for those, who otherwise, may not have been able to understand or fully absorb the beauty of the night’s performance.

Sharanagati –  Absolute Surrender

The original choreography by P.T. Narendran, Leena Mohanty, O.S. Arun and Dheeraj Kumar Mohapatra gave the audience both a visual and aural feast as the dancers demonstrated their artistic talents in an engaging and playful manner. So encapsulating was the performance that everyone stayed glued to their seats in rapt attention, applauding enthusiastically. Even children attending the occasion were on their best behaviour, which is rather unusual for a local audience. This fact alone, speaks volumes for the night’s performance.

Exploring the beautiful Indian philosophical concept through the unique confluence of classical dance and music styles of Odissi and Bharatanatyam, the dancers drew the audience into their world of majestic traditions, grace and beauty. The lighting cast artful shadows of the dancers off the surrounding walls of the auditorium, and this further added to the surreal feeling, as the intricacy of each movement was skilfully executed. The gifted voice of O.S. Arun with its mellifluous, sonorous and fluent textures, made it possible for the audience to enjoy listening to a breathtaking range of pure and pristine melodic compositions. Such was the characteristic of his musical expressions that the audience didn’t really want to leave their seats, even during the short intermission.

The excitement just kept building upon itself right up to the end,  which  featured  a  magnificent final performance that truly merited a standing ovation.

With such world class performances, brought to the people of Ipoh, the Ipoh Fine Arts Society (IFAS) hopes that the rich traditions of the performing arts will inspire and encourage its young to be part of this rich heritage of traditional music and dance art forms. The IFAS is dedicated to encouraging and supporting artistes of the performing arts by covering a broad spectrum of classical, folk and contemporary arts, while striving to preserve the integrity of traditional dance and music in the community. Tapping into this jewel of diverse art forms, IFAS work tirelessly to help establish a vibrant rapport with the artistic community through its music workshops and cultural programs.

If the support shown is anything to go by, the people of Ipoh are ready and willing to be a part of this awesome journey.

Serena Mui