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Preparing Perak’s Human Capital


L-R: Speakers Prof Dato Dr Mohd Ghouse, USM, Dr Mazlan, IDR, Aminudin Hashim, IDR, Abdul Wahab ex-HR director Nestle, Czarina Alia, Talent Solutions, Neela Mehan HR Ministry

The Perak State government has set a target of a minimum of 10,000 new jobs in the state this year. To achieve this, it has initiated the creation of a career placement centre to match the employees with the requirements of employers.

These plans were announced by Institute Darul Ridzuan, Chief Executive Aminudin Hashim during the recent forum organized by the Perak Economic Council. The forum entitled “Preparing Perak’s Human Capital for The New Economy” saw speakers from PSMB Ministry of Human Resource, USM, UPSI and Talent Solutions addressing the floor. The forum which was attended by Heads of Government Departments, GLCs, NGOs and students focused on the supply, demand and deve-lopment of human capital.

According to Aminudin the centre will be launched sometime in March this year. It will be located in Ipoh but will operate at district level.

The purpose of the centre is generally for creating employment and job matching of employee skills to employer requirements. Its other goal is to create high income jobs which in turn will address the issue of retaining university graduates in the state.

Acknowledging that 80% of the work force that is being generated each year are SPM leavers, the initial employment will be in the low to medium category.

Subsequently, the centre plans to work with the respective institutions of higher education to upgrade the skills of employees. Its strategy to achieve this is to “upskilling and reskilling” potential employees, a strategy applied successfully during economic downturns.

The sectors for employment were in marine and shipbuilding, wholesale and retail, manufacturing, automotive, food and service industry.