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Big Bully Buses


Thumbs Down

All town buses do not enter Medan Kidd Bus Station to drop and pick up passengers. A number of them park along the road in front of the bus station reducing the dual carriageway road to a single lane and restricting traffic flow.

Big Bully Buses

These buses are parked for quite some time in front of the Banana Leaf Restaurant and occasionally the driver is not in his seat. The conductor uses a haler to call for passengers. Passengers dash across the busy road to catch the bus. There is an underpass, but people are scared to use it. I come across this often when I am driving and cannot take photos. I had the opportunity to take a photo on a Sunday morning when there was not much traffic. During weekdays this road is busy and used as the main entrance to ACS school.

Buses also stop abruptly at the corner of the road in front of the roundabout to pick up passengers, causing motorists to brake suddenly.

MBI parking attendants are very efficient in summoning motorists who are overdue by five minutes only. How come they are blind to this situation? Are they only authorised to summon cars?

Action must be taken against the irresponsible bus companies and drivers. All town buses must enter the bus station and not cause traffic jams along the roads in front of the bus station.

A. Jeyaraj