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How Are We Showcasing Our History?


Many words have been spoken, many plans have been drawn and laid out, many money making schemes by unscrupulous people have been planned and all of this is to be in conjunction with the Visit Perak Year of 2012 next year.

What I find most disturbing is that there has been nothing, absolutely nothing that has been written regarding our “proud” museum Darul Ridzuan in Ipoh. Those of you who are familiar with our so-called museum would know that it is located between the State Secretariat Building and the Police Patrol Car depot. To identify the museum just look out for a poor huge miserable turtle or tortoise lying out in the garden.

Now let us look at the museum itself, it is a double-storey mansion that used to belong to a Chinese towkay who sold it to the government. Then it was used as a government agency before being reverted into a museum a number of years ago.

The museum occupies a very large area that consists of an external exhibition shelter that holds an old timber truck, rusty mining equipment, a boat with splintered wood and a small plantation train. There are also two very rusty military vehicles, a Ferret Scout Car and a White Armoured Personnel Carrier, exposed to the elements with no shelter.

The moment you step into the museum the visitor is confronted by…emptiness. Now that is just the beginning, I have not told you about the pictures with no labels, the exhibits with no information and the total absence of any curator or assistant who will be able to explain anything in English to a foreign visitor. The second floor is a little better, the exhibits have been touched up to an extent, lighting is better and the exhibits are well labelled by Malaysian standards.

Whereas the walls at the ground floor are just bare brown carpets, up here is where many, many years ago an NGO called Ipohworld held the most successful exhibition in the museum ever organised by a visionary, Commander (R) Ian Anderson RN (Royal Navy), who had made Ipoh his home. In a matter of four weeks the Ipohworld exhibition surpassed the number of visitors that had ever visited the museum since its opening.

Now, back to my question, how is the museum showcasing the history of us Ipohites? Ipohworld showed us our grandparents, it even showed us when we were young, it presented to us the trades of our forefathers and how our ancestors moved, and how Ipoh was and is. Now dear reader isn’t that what history is all about? What does the current museum contain? Does it show us how it was? And what were the stories behind the exhibits? Does it depict the traders and their wares of yesteryears?

Now, what will the impression of a foreign guest be when he visits the museum? Never mind the museum toilet for now. I would like to suggest that if the State of this great land is not capable of guarding, conserving and preserving its history it will be better to either bulldoze down the museum and build a food court in place or let a private NGO like Ipohworld run it for the sake of Perak Darul Ridzuan.

Daniel Prakash James

PMR Final Exam at PCSH

L-R: CEO of PCSH, Ng Chen Weng and Principal of SMJK Poi Lam

On October 10, a candidate in the midst of PMR Examination at SMJK Poi Lam found himself taking the examination at the Perak Community Specialist Hospital (PCSH) instead of in school. Ng Chen Weng (pic middle) had abdominal cramps, vomiting and dizziness and was suspected of suffering from acute appendicitis which eventually turned out to be Acute Gastroenteritis (AGE).

As he had to stay in hospital for observation, he took his examination at PCSH, which proved to be a memorable experience for him. In addition to that, the principal of SMJK Poi Lam (pic right) also visited and gave the candidate encouragement and support.

Conference on Organisational Excellence in Manufacturing


A one-day conference on “Organisational Excellence in Manufacturing” is being organised by FMM Institute Perak at Impiana Hotel on Oct. 19. FMM Perak Branch chairman Dato’ Gan Tack Kong said that the conference would serve as a platform to bring together both international and Malaysian experts to share their knowledge in manufacturing. It would focus on bridging participants with manufacturing specialists from the industry and academic world to network and share best practices in manufacturing including sharing knowledge on Lean Manufacturing.

Local and overseas speakers who are authorities in their fields would deliver their lectures during the conference. There would be five lectures and one panel session. The topics include Malaysian Manufacturing: Effects of the Global Financial and Economic Crisis and the Economic Outlook for 2012.

Dato’ Gan said that they are expecting about 100 participants mainly from the manufacturing industry.

He added that the conference would benefit Chief Executive Officers, General Managers and Engineers in the manufacturing sector.

For further details, contact: Nicole at 05-5488660.


SADC Signs MOU with UPM


State Agriculture Development Corporation (SADC) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with University Putra Malaysia (UPM) which was witnessed by Menteri Besar, Dato’ Seri DiRaja Dr. Zambry Abd Kadir.

Deputy Chancellor of UPM, Prof. Dr. Tai Shzee Yew signed on behalf of the university and CEO of SADC Ahmad Rizal Abdul Rahman signed on behalf of the corporation.

Ahmad Rizal said that the first project to be implemented would be a mango plantation in the state.

The occasion coincided with its annual Hari Raya open house at its office complex in Taman Chateau. Most of the invited guests were from the palm oil estates. Also contractors and stakeholders were invited. A variety of delicious Malay, Chinese and Indian food was served.


Manis’ Dream Comes True


Manis bt Mad from Kampong Headwork, an Orang Asli settlement in Langkap, can now heave a sigh of relief, thanks to Yayasan Bina Upaya Darul Ridzuan (YBU). Her dream of owning a new house has come true.

The 60-ish lady, who lives in a dilapidated wooden house which is almost 50 years old, built by her former husband, fears for her life as the termite-eaten house could crumble anytime. “I wish to thank Yayasan Bina Upaya and the MB for their help,” she told the media when met. The foundation has undertaken to build a low-cost house worth RM30,000 on the site of her present house. The house when completed will provide Manis with a more habitable roof over her head.

Construction of low-cost houses is one of the foundation’s on-going poverty eradication programmes for the poor and the needy in the state.


KAMI Dinner and Dance

Ong Su-ming

‘Shall we dance’ was the theme of KAMI’s Dinner and Dance held recently at the Syuen Hotel Ipoh. A video message from Dato’ Michelle Yeoh started the evening followed by the address from KAMI Chairman, Ong Su-ming. The event paid tribute to the care-givers of persons with mental disorders and the journey they have chosen to undertake. Dance performances from Susan Ting & Susan Dance Academy and Sri Santiago Samathanam & Natyakalamandhir showcased several relevant themes in the “Journey in Dance”, incorporating middle eastern and Indian dance. An English narration was given by host Mano Maniam. Joe Ong and Band was in attendance for an ever-willing crowd to dance the night away.

The dinner and dance was not only a means to raise funds but also awareness of mental health issues, whilst creating positive and supportive public attitudes towards the mentally ill, and to promote dance as a healthy activity with physical, mental and psycho-social benefits.

KAMI’s message is this: “Mental illness is a biological condition involving chemical imbalance; effective treatment is available and works; and psycho-social support is essential.”

To know more about KAMI (Kinta Action on Mental Health Issues Society Perak) and its activities, call: 05-5488403; email: kami.wellness@gmail.com; or visit them at: 44 Lebuh Perajurit 3/2, Taman Ipoh Boulevard Timur, Ipoh.


Old Michaelians’ Dinner

Dato' Bro. Vincent Corkery (right) with Class of 1941 Diamond jubilarians

Over 800 former Michaleans gathered at St Michael’s Institution (SMI) Ipoh, recently for its 73rd annual dinner and to celebrate the school’s 99th anniversary. It was an evening of good food, evergreen music, fireworks, fellowship and most of all, a walk down memory lane for the old timers.

The evening began with a welcoming speech by the President of the Old Michaelian Association, Adrian Tsen followed by a toast to the King, the Sultan and SMI.

Jubilee salutation certificates were then given to students who graduated from the school from the Class of 1941, Class of 1961, Class of 1971, and Class of 1981. The recipients were called up on stage to receive their scrolls from Dato’ Bro. Vincent Corkery, the former principal of St Michael’s Institution.

Special mention was given to the Class of 1941 (pic) for having graduated from the school seventy years ago. The five Diamond Jubilee graduates are Dato’ Yeoh Kian Teik, Ng Khoon Hong, Wong Hon Choong, Wong Kee Fah and Chang Kong Foo.


Sultan Opens Perak MACC Office


Sultan Azlan Shah formally opened the new Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) Perak branch office at Bandar Meru Raya, Jelapang recently. Addressing an audience consisting of politicians, government officials and guests, he hoped that laws enacted by parliament pertaining to the protection and safety of whistle-blowers will encourage people to come forward with evidence to nail those who engage in corrupt practices.

The RM25-million complex, consisting of a five-storey headquarters, a hall, a building to keep exhibits and a guard house, covers nearly 17,000 sq metres. Work on the complex started in December 2008 and was completed in October 2010. The office has been operational since November 2010.

The Sultan reminded commission staff to carry out their responsibilities judiciously, alluding to the notoriety MACC has gained over the past two years. “Don’t tarnish the good name of the Commission by mishandling cases and mistreating suspects,” he insisted.

Present at the ceremony were Datuk Seri Nazri Abdul Aziz, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, MB Perak, Dato’ Seri DiRaja Zambry Abd Kadir and Datuk Seri Abu Kassim Mohamed, Chief Commissioner of MACC.


Charity Sale Carnival

Raja Nur Mastura and Raja Aznan Shah – Thalassaemia patients

Pertubuhan Thalassaemia Perak (PTP) organised a Charity Sales Carnival at SJK(C) Yuk Choy recently as part of their fund raising campaign to support Thalassaemia patients especially young children to meet their medical expenses.

Thalassaemia is a disease whereby the blood cells fail to function normally and can be only be diagnosed through a blood test and once confirmed, patients have to undergo blood transfusion every three weeks.

BAIDURI President, Datin Seri Diraja Saripah Zulkifli who launched the carnival praised the PTP for their splendid charitable works in supporting the Thalassaemia patients especially the young children and the poor. Baiduri took the opportunity to contribute RM2000 to PTP fund.

The PTP President, Chin Yoon Fook also expressed his gratitude to all sponsors and donors for their generosity. An appointment certificate as Medical Advisor of PTP was also given out to Dr. Teh Hiok Seng by Baiduri President.

Raja Nur Mastura, 14 and her sibling Raja Aznan Shah, 12, (pic) both benefactors of PTP’s aid since they were 9 months old were full of praise for PTP. Besides assisting them in medication and treatments, PTP also took them out on vacation trips and other activities.


Sunway College Ipoh Growing From Strength To Strength


Sunway College Ipoh (SYCI) was established by Tan Sri Jeffrey Cheah to cater to students in the northern regions of Malaysia . The college is located at Sunway City Ipoh, which is only a few kilometres south of Ipoh. Tan Sri Jeffrey Cheah’s vision and mission have grown from strength to strength and has become a landmark of higher education in this part of the country.

Academic Team (seating l-r) Mr Sundra Kanth, Mr Au Kim Chan, Ms Liza Wong, Mdm Cheah Pick San CAT/ACCA Prize Winner (standing l-r):Yeoh Zi Cheng, Chung Yen Wei and Kok Ying Fan

Today Sunway College Ipoh is indeed elated over its students’ achievements held in the recent July 2011 CAT/ACCA examination. Congratulations to all Prize Winners, for First Placing in Malaysia. In other words, they have obtained the highest score in the respective paper(s) at the examination. The following CAT/ACCA Prize Winners are listed below:

ACCA Prize Winner for June 2011 examination

Ms. Yeoh Zi Cheng

Ms. Yeoh Zi Cheng

First Placing in Malaysia for F8-Audit and Assurance

“What a surprise! When I learned from Ms. Liza Wong, the course coordinator that I had won a First placing in Malaysia for my F8 I thought she was joking. Yes, I did it. My grateful thanks to my lecturer, my parents and everyone who gave me encouragement. Thank You, thank you, thank you.

CAT Prize Double Winner for June & December 2010 examinations


Ms. Kok Ying Fan

Ms. Kok Ying Fan

First Placing in Malaysia for T10-Managing Finances

First Placing in Malaysia for T4-Accounting for Cost

“Being an extremely self-motivated person, I am able to thrive best in a zero pressure environment. I found this a magical setting at SYCI which enabled me to unlock my full potential by winning a CAT award.”

CAT Prize Winner for June 2011 examination

Ms. Chung Yen Wei

Ms. Chung Yen Wei

First Placing in Malaysia for T7-Planning, Control & Performance Management.

“if there is a will, there is a way,” I discovered Sunway College Ipoh , offering  the CAT/ ACCA course which dedicates itself to give students the edge to excel, to meet the challenges head on, to set our own goals and make our dreams comes true. Of course , I put in a lot of effort studying for the examination and I won an award. “

The CAT/ACCA Celebrations and Awards-giving ceremony for Prize Winners will be held on Saturday 29th October 2011 – 10.00am to 12.30pm at Istana Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

In implementing Sunway College Ipoh’s performance culture and providing a holistic education, we are fortunate to have a pool of experienced and dedicated lecturers who share the same ideals and have the ability to recognise innate potential of each student.  Our lecturers encourage their students to engage actively in the learning process, thus making it a personal as well as collective responsibility to achieve the performance goals.

Do you want to know more?

Sunway College cordially invites all parents and those who want further information to visit Sunway College Ipoh, No, 1-13A Persiaran SCI 2/2, Sunway Ipoh City, Perak, Malaysia or call 05 545 4398 to talk to our Advisory counsellors or course coordinators about our courses/programmes. Remember also to get the latest information on PTPTN loans. Find out about your child’s eligibility.

Watch out for Sunway College Ipoh Open Day event that will be held on 19th & 20th December 2011.