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Tenby Schools Ipoh Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration


Tenby Schools Ipoh celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival recently with a programme of songs and performances that reflect the multicultural and multinational composition nature of the school.

Parents, teachers, students and the public were invited for the lantern walk and the launching of the hot air lanterns that marked the highlight of the celebration. More than 100 students showcased their talents which included singing, dancing and acting, martial arts displays, poetry recitation and witty banter.

The celebration also provided an opportunity for the Tenby Schools Community to mix and mingle with each other and strengthen the bonds of friendship and understanding. For the staff and the students, it was a pleasurable learning experience to work together to prepare for the celebration.

Nutrition & Vitamins for the Eyes

Resident Consultant Ophthalmologist, Hospital Fatimah Ipoh
Dr S.S. Gill, Consultant Ophthalmologist

Ipoh Echo’s Eye Health series continues with Consultant Eye Surgeon Dr S.S. Gill talking to us more about Nutrition & Vitamins for the eyes.

Good nutrition with vitamins and minerals is important for the eyes to function normally. That is why it is important to be eating the right foods that contain the right vitamins to help keep your eyes healthy.

In this issue, Dr Gill speaks about vitamin E that is important for the eye.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is important to maintain strong immunity and healthy eyes. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that protects our cells from damage by free radicals that result from exposure to environmental pollutants around us including cigarette smoke.

When we say vitamin E, it does not mean one vitamin but actually a group of eight vitamins called tocopherols and tocotrienols. The most active form of vitamin E is Alpha-tocopherol.

How does vitamin E help the eyes?

There was a study on cataracts involving 764 people with the average age group of 65 years. The study showed that the regular users of vitamin E supplements were less likely to have an increase in lens opacity or cataracts. Vitamin E not only helps to possibly prevent cataracts, it might help prevent macular degeneration (AMD) which is a disease affecting aging people.

Should you choose natural or synthetic vitamin E?

When you read the label on the bottle of vitamins, how would you know whether it is natural or synthetic vitamin E? Well, when vitamin E is in its natural form, it is designated with a “d-” prefix (d-alpha-tocopherol). When it is a synthetic vitamin E, it will have a “dl-” prefix (dl-alpha-tocopherol). As with most things, the natural vitamin E is more beneficial than the synthetic forms of vitamin E. So, be sure to look at the source of the vitamin should you be purchasing a bottle of vitamin E. Just look for the “d-” prefix that indicates it is from a natural source.

Does our food have enough vitamin E?

almondsIf you have a balanced diet and avoid processed foods, you should be able to get adequate vitamin E from foods such as:

  • Green leafy vegetables, example – spinach
  • Eggs
  • Nuts, Almonds
  • Vegetable Oils

How much vitamin E should you take?

The recommended dietary allowance (RDA) includes the vitamin E you get from both the food you eat and any supplements you take. Be sure to follow this. The RDA (recommended dietary allowance) for men or women older than 14 years old is 15 milligrams (or 22.5 IU).

Does vitamin E have Side Effects?

As with anything else, too much of vitamin E is not good. This vitamin is a fat-soluble vitamin which means it can accumulate in the body if taken in large quantities, causing unwanted side-effects. It can interfere with the body’s blood clotting ability and this can be dangerous if you are taking blood thinning medication. Overdoses also can cause nausea, headache, bleeding and fatigue.

Key points to remember:

Eat a good, balanced diet with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Discuss improving your diet or taking vitamin supplements with your GP.

Avoid smoking. A healthy lifestyle makes all the difference!

Dr Gill will talk more about other aspects of nutrition for the eyes in the next article.

For more information, call Gill Eye Specialist Centre at Hospital Fatimah (05-545 5582) or
email: gilleyecentre@dr.com.

Science and Space Mystery Workshop


KPerak organised a one-day Science and Space Mystery Workshop for students from four secondary schools and also the children from YBU adopted by the MB. This took place at Mydin Hypermarket, Meru. Saidon b Puteh, Acting CEO of KPerak, said that the programme was organised to create awareness in the fields of science and space amongst students.

KPerakSamuel Gibbs, a specialist science teacher from Australia gave the students hands-on demonstrations for rocket launchers and flight simulators. The students were given basic information on how the systems work. Samson Zee, a motivational speaker and educationist from Singapore, gave a motivational talk and coached the students on modern techniques of learning.

The highlight of the function was the presence of Dato’ Dr Sheikh Muszaphar, our Malaysian astronaut. Dr Sheikh shared his experience of life in the space station with a video presentation. He said that water was precious and urine was recycled and used for drinking.

His advice to the students was to be ambitious and work hard to achieve their goals. He shared with the students that when he was ten years old his ambition was to be an astronaut. He emphasised that the students must be able to communicate fluently in English; otherwise they will be left behind.

The schools that participated in the programme were SMK Sultan Azlan Shah Bota, SMK Bukit Merchu, Kuala Kangsar, SMK Ulu Kinta and SMK Bainun.


First Full Length Opera in Ipoh Soon


Ipohites can look forward to their first full length opera to be performed here on December 4. Music from La Traviata, one of the world’s most popular operas, will be reverberating through the halls of the Kinta River Front Hotel when the Merry Opera Company from the UK puts on this widely acclaimed opera  composed by Giuseppe Verdi – an Italian opera composer of the 19th century.

Organised by the committee of the St Andrew Festival headed by organising chairman Chuah Sze Tong, whose objectives are to promote further understanding of cultural and arts activities and to raise funds for the Building Fund of St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Ipoh, this event promises to elevate the cultural scene in Ipoh to new heights.

Cast and members of the opera company are professional operatic singers and actors hailing from all over Europe and the entire opera will be performed in English augmented with English sub-titles.

All surplus proceeds from the performance will go towards the St Andrew’s building fund which will be used to build a multipurpose building on the church premises, for church activities as well as house a grand concert hall. Presently, as St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Ipoh is listed as a heritage building by the Perak state government,  no alterations and extensions can be done to it and it is hoped that the planned addition will not only allow the church to expand its activities but to provide an additional venue for arts and cultural shows; thus relieving Ipoh of the stigma of being a ‘cultural desert’.

Early bird rates at substantial discount till October 31 are available. Ticketing agents are: Popular Book Store (3 outlets in Ipoh), Ebony Guitar House, Pusat Tuisyen Alfa Omega, OneLink Tax Services. Perak Society of Performing Arts, Hirojaya Piano House and Creative Music Academy.

For sponsorship and advertising, contact the organising chairman, ST Chuah 019-414 5166 or visit:
http://standrewfestipoh.wordpress.com for ticket prices.

Ipoh’s First Public Art Gallery


Ipoh now can boast of  a public art gallery which opened its doors on September 30.

Ipoh’s First Public Art Gallery located at Sekeping Kong Heng

The organisers had coincided the launch to align with SMI’s Centennary celebration as it was no coincidence that two of the organisers, Ng Sek San and Chan Kok Keong are Michaelians.

Gallery’s opening coincided with SMI’s 100 years celebration. (right photo) Artist Khor with Michaelian Ng Sek San

Called Gallery Old Town it is located at Sekeping Kong Heng behind Kong Heng Kedai Kopi, Old Town. To help with the launch of the gallery, Chan requested the assistance of famous artist Khor Seow Hooi to coordinate the opening where several popular artists such as Wong Kean Choo as well as himself exhibited their works of art. The theme of the exhibition was Old Town.

Theme of the exhibition was ‘Old Town’

On the morning of the launch 10 paintings were sold which, according to Chan, was very encouraging. The gallery will be open every Friday to Sunday and public holidays from 9am till 5.30pm and will run for three months.

Gallery Old Town opens Friday to Sunday and public holidays

A visitor that morning mentioned that for “any city to be a true city it needed a symphony orchestra, a public art gallery and clean toilets. Well we have now achieved the first two while the last is a work in progress”.


UTC Perak Operational by December


Urban Transformation CentreIpohites will be glad to know that the Urban Transformation Centre or UTC Perak, to be located at the former premises which housed Super Kinta, will be operational by December this year.

UTC Perak, when ready, will house 53 state and federal government offices all under one roof and will be a one-stop centre for Ipoh residents. The location also houses the central wet market and locating UTC here will be a value adder for residents who will now be able to settle their bills and do their food marketing all at one location, thus spurring economic activity in the nearby vicinity.

The good news was announced by Second Finance Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Husni Hanadziah recently during a visit to the future site. Accompanying him on the site visit was the Treasury Secretary General to the Ministry of Finance, Datuk Dr Irwan Serigar Abdullah and Ipoh Mayor Dato’ Roshidi Hashim.

According to Husni, the current UTC centres in the country were set up at existing buildings and hence do not require extensive renovations. Similarly work on UTC Perak, which has an area of 127,000 sq ft, will start immediately and is schedule to be operational by December. UTC Perak will be the third centre in the country after Melaka and Kuala Lumpur.


Well Done MBI!


The purpose of my letter is to thank Ipoh City Council (MBI) for a job well done. After so much bashing from people who don’t lift a finger to help but only heap scorn, I hope my letter will help lift the Council’s morale a little.

On Monday, September 10 or thereabout, my neighbourhood was abuzz with news that a bee hive was growing in size on a mango tree nearby. I went out to have a look and my fear was confirmed. The bee hive was active and thus posed a danger to those living in the vicinity.

I was unsure what to do initially. After a few days, I decided it was time to act before someone got hurt. I went to the MBI website and emailed my complaint, as requested.

Days went by without any action from the council. On Friday, September 21, I alerted Ipoh Echo. I was told to call Major Roslan Zakaria (Rtd), the councillor responsible for Zone 15. I did as told. Roslan replied that remedial actions had been taken by the Council. I rushed out of my house to see and presto, the offending bees were no longer there.

I wish to make the following comments:

MBI website is not very user-friendly, as I have to look high and low for the “Aduan” bar.

Once a complaint has been filed there is no mention on the status of the complaint.

Residents are still unsure whom to call for actions.

Rubbish collection, on the whole, is excellent. My only complaint is the spillage caused by the workers. One other area which the council should focus on is the irregularity of garden refuse collection. The source of the problem, however, is the residents themselves. The fondness of some to turn the whole neighbourhood into one big rubbish dump is stupefying.

I don’t blame the council for all the wrongs that we see. I blame the people, as I have seen them throwing rubbish on roadsides and in the streets. We still have plenty to learn before we can be called a developed nation. Foremost, we need to change our mindset. For a start, stop blaming MBI for all of our woes.

Taman Gunong View

Rebuilding Waller Court


Waller Court flatsThe protracted wrangling over the fate of the contentious Waller Court flats will soon be over if plans initiated by Ipoh City Council materialises. Mayor Dato’ Roshidi Hashim was met at the site recently when he accompanied the Chief Secretary to the Government, Tan Sri Dr Ali Hamsa who was on a whirlwind visit to Ipoh.

“The project will cost the council RM30 million,” Roshidi told reporters. “The new Waller Court will incorporate modernity with each apartment being built to perfection. The tenants can enjoy a larger living area measuring 700 sq feet with three rooms.”

It will be built in stages for the benefit of the present tenants. “They’ll be housed in the 70 vacant flats currently available,” said Roshidi. The whole area will be given a fresh new look with a tastefully designed landscape. “Tenders for the project will be out in November and if everything goes as planned, construction works will commence immediately.”

Puan Noraishah Mior Basha, 60, a long-time tenant, was elated with the development. “I’m glad that something is finally taking shape here in Waller Court. We residents have been waiting anxiously far too long. I thank the council for taking a proactive stance.”


Caring from the Heart, Caring for your Heart


In conjunction with World Heart Day 2012, Pantai Hospital launched its Caring from the Heart, Caring for your Heart programme by organising a Health Camp at Mydin Hypermarket, Meru. Alvin Lee, CEO of Pantai Holdings (Malaysia Operations) said that the activities being carried out will empower individuals’ knowledge to reduce their own risk and that of their family of heart disease and stroke. People can take charge of their heart health by taking steps such as choosing healthy food options and increasing physical activity. It is important to know what action to take if a heart attack occurs in the home, work place or a public area. Pantai Hospital hopes that with better awareness and earlier intervention it will be able to deter, delay or reverse cardiovascular diseases (CVD).

Dato’ Dr Mah Hang Soon, State Exco Member officially launched the programme and said that for more than 40 years CVDs are the leading cause of deaths in the country. The socio-economic impact and disruption to the individuals, families and the nation is staggering. Education, awareness and preventive measures are more relevant today than ever, especially with the younger generation who are sedentary or practice unhealthy lifestyles. He informed that in Perak during 2010 there were 8,433 patients suffering from various heart conditions resulting in 851 deaths. These are only the reported cases and many more go unreported.


Impiana Launches Thai Food Extravaganza


Impiana Hotel IpohImpiana Hotel Ipoh launched a Thai Food extravaganza recently. Running for two weeks from October 5 till 19, it features food prepared by Chef Adisak from Impiana Resort Chaweng Noi in Ko Samui, Thailand.

The buffet spread features Thai favourites such as Tom Yam Goong the famous hot and sour soup with prawns, beef in massaman curry, and a whole host other Thai delicacies. Catch Chef Adisak who is also master carver in action as he carves fruits and vegetables with intricate finesse.

Cutting the ribbon to launch the extravaganza was Puan Norshamshida Bt Abdul Rahman, State Director of Tourism Malaysia Perak, together with Impiana GM, Mark Rummery.