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Slip Road at Tambun Road Junction Opened


Motorists on the North-South Expressway, going to Ipoh city centre via the Tambun exit, need not make a U-turn along Jalan Tambun about 100m away since traffic lights were installed at the junction. This facility is also convenient for residents in Bercham who travel frequently along this route. With the traffic lights, motorists are now able to make a right turn to get into the city. The existing slip road was widened to become dual lanes.

Dato’ Ramly bin Zahari, Exco for Infrastructure who officially opened the slip road, said that the new traffic lights were installed at the request of motorists for smooth flow of traffic. The existing U-turn will remain open as an added option for motorists. Dato’ Ramly said that the project costing more than RM300,000 was funded by the state government and constructed by JKR.

During question time, Dato’ Ramly said to ease the acute parking problem at Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun, plans are under way to build a multistorey car park.


85% Clean Ipoh


Ipoh Echo, as a service to the Ipoh community, will be providing a regular update on the progress of the cleanliness activity in Ipoh.

This is a followup of our report on September 16 where Ipoh Mayor Dato’ Roshidi Hashim announced a target of 85% of Ipoh will be clean within a 12-month period.

The issue of cleanliness in Ipoh involves three areas, Sampah, Longkang dan Rumput (SLR) or ‘Rubbish, Drains and Grass’. The three times per week clearance of rubbish has generally been given a good-job-done response. Hence for now we will focus on drains and grass.

The field of cut grass on Jalan Carlos Ipoh Garden

…but the drains have not been cleaned

Grass cutting has, in general, received a good report. Grass is being cut on a fortnightly basis as is the specified schedule.

However, in some areas the grass is not being cleared immediately or the next few days, especially for grass cut at fields or padang.

Regarding drains, residents from Canning and Ipoh Garden have reported that the drains there have not been cleaned and cleared even though the grass contractor had been appointed since July.

A check at the drains surrounding the fields along Jalan Chew Peng Loon and Jalan Carlos, Ipoh Garden in the vicinity of Hospital Fatimah, as well as at the field at Persara Ipoh behind the ‘Gourmet Square’ confirmed that the complaints were valid.

Canning Councillor Ceylyn Tay when contacted acknowledged that she was aware of the issue and has reported it through MBI’s e-aduan system.

Residents’ feedback indicate some improvements. They suggested that MBI should have supervisors overseeing the maintenance activities to ensure adherence.

Residents have also complained about garden waste not collected, dirty and weed-infested back lanes and illegal dumpsites. We will focus on this in subsequent issues.