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‘Efficient’ Public Transport System


I refer to your article “Update on Bus Services for Perak” (Ipoh Echo Issue 123) and wish to highlight the following:

Ipoh bus service is still poor in spite of the many new buses plying the city routes. There is still no bus serving the Bercham-Tasek Industrial area route although a large number of people who work there live in Bercham. Three decades ago there were buses plying the said route but there are none today. Our complaints have fallen on deaf ears.

My one other observation is the absence of proper bus schedules. The buses at Medan Kidd come and go at the whims and fancies of the drivers and conductors. Their attitude is causing much hardship to commuters who have to wait indefinitely, especially at the Super Kinta and Ocean bus stops.

I sincerely hope the authorities would do something to address these shortcomings. What is the point of talking about the future when the present problems are being conveniently swept under the carpet?

Perhaps, Dato’ Dr Mah Hang Soon should spend a day in the streets and see how Ipohites grapple with a very ‘efficient’ public transport system on a daily basis. He may learn a thing or two this way.

Christopher Ng
Bercham, Ipoh