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One for the Road


Jalan Patrick Market

Councillor David Lai Kong Phooi, who is taking charge of another zone in the city, made his last round of supervising the upgrading work being carried out the Jalan Patrick market.

Lai, was previously in charge of Zone 13 (Greentown/Pekan Lama/Medan Kidd), is currently in charge of Zone 5 (Bercham/ Tasek Dermawan).

Together with Lai was the councillor replacing him, Choo Kean Seng and MBI Engineer Encik Khairul Anuar Hj Lodin.

Look new roof! (l-r) Councillor Choo, MBI Engineer Khairul & Councillor Lai

Unknown to many the Patrick Street market located off Jalan Bijeh Timah (Treacher Street) behind the MBI low cost flats and next to the Kinta

River has been in existence since 1974, when it was opened by Dato’ S.P. Seenivasagam, the President of the Town Council then.

According to Lai the tenants here are charged a monthly rental of RM120. A year ago he proposed to the Mayor to upgrade the area indicating the major issue was leaking roofs. Tenders were called and at the end of last year approval amounting to RM180K was allocated for the project.

The upgraded work on the 68 units located there had their roofs replaced and fitted with gutters and down pipes and given a general paint job.

There was other minor work to be done which Lai asked for Councillor Choo to assist with the follow-up. According to Engineer Khairul the minor works could be funded from MBI internal funds.