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New Gym in Town


Something is brewing in the corner of Jusco Kinta City and as some may have noticed, it’s a new gym in town.

Fitness Embassy is a gym that promises a fitness experience that Ipoh has never seen before.

Tommy Hwang, 24 was once a gym enthusiast who felt that Ipoh lacked the kind of gym experience so readily available in Kuala Lumpur with its luxury facilities and ambience. “Trying out various gyms in Ipoh, I noticed that our town did not really have a kind of high-end gym facility”, said the Ipoh born and bred Hwang.

Therefore when Patrick Ng, 29, owner of the Kbox Karaoke lounge in Jusco Kinta City, offered Hwang a partnership in opening such a gym, the groundwork was laid and Fitness Embassy was set in motion.

 “We wanted to build a gym that offers all the trappings of a fitness centre and present it in a stylish manner”, said Hwang.

Fitness Embassy has procured a five-year contract with Jusco Kinta City and is set to open in January, with soft launches in December.

Located just below the Kbox Karaoke lounge in Jusco Kinta City, the gym promises a lavish setting and tight security.

“We have the latest treadmill machines imported from Korea, sauna and steam bath facilities and even a nutrition counter.”

For now Fitness Embassy is undergoing construction and has set up a booth in Jusco Kinta City to recruit early memberships. “We have had promising responses especially due to our early bird promotions, with almost 200 applicants within 2 months”, said Fitness Embassy marketing and promotions executive, Nick Siew.

Although Ng and Hwang being partners, Kbox and Fitness Embassy are to be managed separately, however, Kbox members are entitled to some special offers. 

“We will open from 6 a.m. to 12 a.m. everyday and we promise to stay open during the holidays”, said Siew with a smile.