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KAMI Dinner and Dance

Ong Su-ming

‘Shall we dance’ was the theme of KAMI’s Dinner and Dance held recently at the Syuen Hotel Ipoh. A video message from Dato’ Michelle Yeoh started the evening followed by the address from KAMI Chairman, Ong Su-ming. The event paid tribute to the care-givers of persons with mental disorders and the journey they have chosen to undertake. Dance performances from Susan Ting & Susan Dance Academy and Sri Santiago Samathanam & Natyakalamandhir showcased several relevant themes in the “Journey in Dance”, incorporating middle eastern and Indian dance. An English narration was given by host Mano Maniam. Joe Ong and Band was in attendance for an ever-willing crowd to dance the night away.

The dinner and dance was not only a means to raise funds but also awareness of mental health issues, whilst creating positive and supportive public attitudes towards the mentally ill, and to promote dance as a healthy activity with physical, mental and psycho-social benefits.

KAMI’s message is this: “Mental illness is a biological condition involving chemical imbalance; effective treatment is available and works; and psycho-social support is essential.”

To know more about KAMI (Kinta Action on Mental Health Issues Society Perak) and its activities, call: 05-5488403; email: kami.wellness@gmail.com; or visit them at: 44 Lebuh Perajurit 3/2, Taman Ipoh Boulevard Timur, Ipoh.


The Amazing Walk


Pak Peter

“This is an amazing walk not the amazing race”, said Pak Peter, the Marshal for the day; and what was amazing about it was that 100 people, from all walks of life and different social concerns, walked approximately 6½ km for mental health awareness. In conjunction with Mental Health Day on October 10, KAMI (Kinta Action on Mental Health Issues Society Perak) and Nomad Adventure organised this awareness walk. The Walk from Gopeng through Kg Jahang and Kg Chulek and ending at Nomad Adventure, was also an eco awareness experience. Participants were encouraged to “interact, respond and make a difference”. Simultaneous walks were also organised in Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Johor. Among the walkers were visitors from Singapore, Austria and Holland. Participation was limited to reduce the impact on the environment.

…and off we go!

Laughter warmup with Yuen-li

The Walk was led by KAMI vice-chairman, Mr Lau Yew Kee and representatives from different groups. There could not have been a better day for the Walk. The morning was slightly overcast with an occasional cool breeze under the canopy of trees, the tarred road meandered through oil palm estates and kampongs, made it a very pleasant walk indeed. Chan Yuen-li, director of Nomad, did warm-up laughter exercises with the group before the start; drumming and lunch were also included in the programme, all of which were thoroughly enjoyed. Director of KAMI, Ong Su-ming acknowledged and thanked sponsors, donors, NGOs and all the participants.

Ong Su-ming

The objectives of the Walk was not only to create better public awareness on mental health but also to “de-stigmatise mental illness and to advocate for the rights, well-being and public support for the mentally ill”. This is all the more pertinent when “WHO (World Health Organisation) predicts that within 20 years more people will be affected by depression than any other health problem”.

If this Walk gave us a better understanding of mental health and illness, and nature awareness, than it would have achieved its purpose.

KAMI is an affiliate member of MINDA (Movement to Incorporate the New Developments & Actions for the mentally ill) Malaysia. KAMI Community Wellness Centre is at: 4 & 4A Lebuh Perajurit 3/2, Ipoh. Contact: Su – 016-5468003.