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KVSS MPO Music Camp Project at NASAM



KVSS MPO Music Camp Project at NASAM

The Kinta Valley Symphonic Society (KVSS)/Malaysian Philharmonic (MPO) Music Camp Project 2013 performed at the National Stroke Association of Malaysia (NASAM) recently. About 25 stroke victims were present as MPO musicians Sun Yuan (viola), Steve Retallick (cello), Chia-Nan Hung and Martijn Noomen (violin) performed the String Quartet No.14 by Mozart.

KVSS, a non-profit organisation in collaboration with the MPO Outreach and Education Division, held the concert for NASAM and the Salvation Army Children’s Home as an effort to spread joy and musical knowledge to the less fortunate through music.

The Music camp project, was opened to members and interested musicians, which saw them having weekly rehearsals, a series of workshops, two outreach programmes, a chamber concert by the MPO musicians and culminated with the ‘Be Spirited Away’ concert on July 20 which played to a full house.

Designed to fine-tune the performing skills of musicians and to attract and recruit new members to increase the size of the Kinta Valley Wind Orchestra (KVWO) and the Perak Philharmonic Orchestra (PPO), the music camp was a huge success.

Susan Ho

KVSS’s ‘Be Spirited Away’ Concert


Kinta Valley Symphonic Society’s (KVSS) recent ‘Be Spirited Away’ Concert on July 20 was a runaway success. The concert, held at Dewan Wan Chin Leong with a seating capacity for 900, was sold out to a mainly young audience, the targeted audience the organizers had hoped for.

The concert was performed by KVSS’s two orchestras, Kinta Valley Wind Orchestra (KVWO) comprising of 58 members and Kinta Valley String Orchestra (KVSO), 27 members.

KVSS’s ‘Be Spirited Away’ Concert 1

The music for the concert included music from popular Japanese animated fantasy films such as ‘Spirited Away’ (the most successful film in Japanese film history), ‘My Neighbor Totoro’ and ‘Castle in the Sky’.

According to KVSS music director Eugene Pook the featured music, besides introducing popular Japanese anime music to a wider audience, was also to encourage the younger audience to experience the powerful effect of orchestral music.

The ‘Be Spirited’ concert was also the culmination of its KVSS/MPO Music Camp project. Rehearsals for the concert with Pook started in early June and included coaching for the strings section by violin professor Mayya Musaeva from Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris, Tg. Malim.

Additionally, from July 16-18, nine professional musicians from the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO) were in town, fine tuning the skills of KVSS members in preparation for the concert.

KVSS’s ‘Be Spirited Away’ Concert 2

A day before, the nine musicians from MPO treated KVSS members and invited guests to a wonderful chamber concert which included works by Mozart, Bach and Poulenc.

MPO trumpeter John Bourque when asked about the KVSS musicians who participated in the camp project, described them as “bright, enthusiastic and very eager to learn”. Similarly for KVSS trumpeter, Chow Kok Chin, 16, who said he totally enjoyed learning all the new techniques from the MPO team.

Undoubtedly, KVSS, which was founded in 2010, is certainly growing from strength to strength.


A New Studio for KVSS


The Kinta Valley Symphonic Society (KVSS) has a new studio.

Located on the 2nd floor at 158 Jalan Sultan Idris Shah it has been the location where its two orchestras, the Kinta Valley Wind Orchestra (KVWO) and the Perak Philharmonic Orchestra (PPO), have been holding their practices since January this year.

The KVSS was founded in 2010 with a grant from the SiWu Education Trust Fund which enabled it to purchase instruments to start KVWO, the first and only community wind orchestra, or  symphonic band, in Perak.

Kinta Valley Symphonic Society (KVSS)Its Music Director is the talented Eugene Pook (pic, standing 2nd from right)  who has grown the orchestras in size, versatility and quality and has given Ipohites such presentations as “New Worlds, New Beginnings” held last August.

The Society currently has 120 active members and due to its growth, the previously rented premises ran out of space.

Work on the new studio started last December and selected materials were used to enhance the acoustics. The studio renovation cost RM40K and was part sponsored by Kuala Lumpur Kepong Berhad.

The shift to the new studio is another milestone in the progress of the Society which hopefully will provide music education for the community and in turn recruit new musicians.

Those interested to become part of the orchestras or wish to make contributions may call 010-565 0412.


Debut for Perak Philarmonic


The Perak Philharmonic Orchestra (PPO), managed by the Kinta Valley Symphonic Society (KVSS) is making its debut in a concert entitled “New World, New Beginnings” on 18 Aug 2012, Saturday at 8pm in Jubilee Hall, Royal Perak Golf Club, Ipoh.

Perak Philharmonic Orchestra (PPO), Kinta Valley Symphonic Society (KVSS)Set up in 2011, the PPO, comprising a mix of hobby and professional musicians, mostly from Perak, is the first and only philharmonic orchestra in Perak. A total of 57 musicians will be performing at the concert which also features Fung Chern Hwei, based in New York as the violin soloist. Amongst its many objectives, the PPO aims to educate our community on classical music as well as to cultivate an interest and appreciation for it.

As KVSS is a not-for-profit society, it relies on the generosity and goodwill of donors, sponsors and supporters to sustain its activities and achieve its objectives.

The concert programme features Mozart’s Marriage of Figaro, Overture; Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, Violin Concerto; and Dvorak’s Symphony No. 9, The New World.

Tickets are available at Popular Bookstores, Creative Music Academy (05‑547 9828) and PSPA (05-548 7814). For enquiries, call 010-565 0412.

KVWO Looking For Musicians


Kinta Valley Wind OrchestraThe Kinta Valley Wind Orchestra (KVWO), Ipoh’s very own home-grown orchestra, is looking for musicians.

This was announced by Eugene Pook (pic, black shirt), the Music Director of Kinta Valley Symphonic Society (KVSS), during its open day celebration to create awareness of its activities.

KVSS manages the two orchestras of KVWO and PPO, the Perak Philharmonic Orchestra which will be launched in the middle of this year. Both KVWO and PPO shared the stage on the day to showcase their talents to students, parents and guests.

According to Pook, 15 of its musicians will be leaving this year to pursue their studies.