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Lack of Drain Maintenance


Residents of Jalan Sitiawan, Lim Garden invited the media to air their complaints. They said that the drains in their area are not cleaned regularly and are overgrown with grass preventing flow of water. During rain, the drains overflow and flood their compounds.

Lim Garden IpohA resident who did not want to be named said that she has lived in her house since it was built in the sixties and the damaged drains have never been repaired or upgraded. This is a breeding ground for mosquitoes and a few cases of dengue have been reported.

M. Rani who has been staying there for more than 20 years said that MBI has no schedule for cleaning drains. The residents have to complain a few times before the men come to clean. The grass cutting contractor does not remove the grass that fall into the drain, saying it is not part of his job. Photos have been taken of mosquito larva breeding in the stagnant water of the drain. She does not know whether they are aedes mosquitoes. She added that enforcement officers inspect the house compounds for stagnant water and fine residents, but are not bothered about stagnant water in the drain.

The residents pay their assessment promptly and expect better service from MBI. The residents are of the opinion that if their problems are published in the papers, MBI would take action.