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Footpaths Need Maintenance


Thumbs Down

While the Riverfront Hotel was under construction, food stalls were built along the bank of Kinta River next to the Jalan Lim Bo Seng bridge. Concrete footpaths with plants on either side were constructed. Other flower plants and trees were also grown and the place was lighted at night. Customers eating in the stalls were expected to stroll along the footpaths and enjoy the sight of the river.

Footpaths Need Maintenance

Recently when I visited the place on a Sunday morning, I noticed that the front side of the stalls facing the road was newly painted, but the back of the stalls facing the river were not maintained and needs repair. Not all the stalls are open for business.

The plants along the footpaths were not trimmed with grass and weeds in the surrounding areas proliferating. Even in the morning I was scared to walk along the footpath in case I might encounter an unfriendly reptile.

The owner of the end stall has built a big extension with a semi-circular roof which looks rundown and is out of place in that area.

With the opening of the River Walk, this place has been neglected. As usual when something is new it is maintained and over the years it is abandoned. We must change our maintenance culture. This is supposed to be a tourist attraction.

A.   Jeyaraj