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Trees along pedestrian walkway


Thumbs Up

trees along pedestrian walkway

MBI has planted trees along the pedestrian walkway on many roads in the city centre. It is pleasant to see greenery in the midst of a concrete jungle. The trees with tall slender barks and different shapes of bushy tops look beautiful. It is nice to see real trees instead of planting plastic trees as was done previously in some areas.

These trees absorb carbon dioxide emissions from the vehicles and produce oxygen making the atmosphere healthy. They provide shade and also a place for birds to nest in the town area.

The trees especially in front of KFC in Jalan Dato Onn Jaafar have grown tall and are not only beautiful but also provide shade at the busy junction. Similar sites exist in a number of other areas.

The down side is that in a few of places, the height of the bush is very low and pedestrians have to be careful not to hurt their heads. One example is the tree in front of Kamdar Store on Jalan Raja Musa Aziz. There are also locations where the trees obstruct pedestrians from walking.

trees along pedestrian walkway

The trees are planted all over the city and I have just highlighted a couple of them which were brought to my attention. The idea is very good and appreciated by the residents. However, the Landscaping Department must inspect them and ensure they are properly maintained and safe for pedestrians to walk.

A. Jeyaraj

MBI Does Listen


By A. Jeyaraj

iSpeak - A. JeyarajiSpeak - A. JeyarajEver since the last massive flooding of Lim Garden, residents have been having sleepless nights fearing when the next flooding would occur because the cause(s) of the flooding has not been identified. Dato’ Haji Abdul Rahim, Secretary MBI agreed to meet the residents to discuss their problems. The meeting was attended by Dato’ Daniel Tay, councillor for Lim Garden and staff from relevant departments of MBI and a representative from DID.

The main concern was installation of a new pump at the retention pond. Initially MBI informed that the pump would be installed in July, but now it has been postponed to March next year. The rainy season has started and residents are worried that the single pump installed will not be able to drain the water. They requested that at least two pumps be installed.

During heavy rainfall the drains are full and the water overflows into the compound. The drains are not cleaned and overgrown with grass and prevent flow of water. Drains are also damaged. MBI informed that they are short of staff and cannot clean the drains every 21 days as mentioned by the Mayor in Issue 151 of Ipoh Echo. Drains are normally cleaned when complaints are received.

Residents voiced concern about dilapidated empty houses with their compounds overgrown with weeds. To their relief, the toe drain along the river bund was cleaned by MBI and DID workers and weeds in a few of the empty houses were cleared a few days after the meeting.

My opinion is that instead of only acting on residents’ complaints,  MBI/DID engineers must make their own studies and come up with solutions. During heavy rain engineers must visit the site and assess the flow of water.

The retention pond only handles about one third of the drainage system. The two pumps planned to be installed at Lorong Pari and Jalan Abdul Manap are outstanding. These are low-lying areas which have a separate drainage system and are prone to flooding after heavy rain.

What makes me wonder is that most of the issues raised are common to all housing estates. It was a good gesture of Dato’ Rahim to meet the residents, but if he is going to meet the residents in other housing estates; then when is he going to do his job?

Maybe, Dato’ Dr Mah Hang Soon, Exco for Local Councils should restructure MBI to enable it to function efficiently. Make it easier to hire and fire staff like private companies. It is no point having a bloated organisation if it cannot deliver.

Well Done MBI!


The purpose of my letter is to thank Ipoh City Council (MBI) for a job well done. After so much bashing from people who don’t lift a finger to help but only heap scorn, I hope my letter will help lift the Council’s morale a little.

On Monday, September 10 or thereabout, my neighbourhood was abuzz with news that a bee hive was growing in size on a mango tree nearby. I went out to have a look and my fear was confirmed. The bee hive was active and thus posed a danger to those living in the vicinity.

I was unsure what to do initially. After a few days, I decided it was time to act before someone got hurt. I went to the MBI website and emailed my complaint, as requested.

Days went by without any action from the council. On Friday, September 21, I alerted Ipoh Echo. I was told to call Major Roslan Zakaria (Rtd), the councillor responsible for Zone 15. I did as told. Roslan replied that remedial actions had been taken by the Council. I rushed out of my house to see and presto, the offending bees were no longer there.

I wish to make the following comments:

MBI website is not very user-friendly, as I have to look high and low for the “Aduan” bar.

Once a complaint has been filed there is no mention on the status of the complaint.

Residents are still unsure whom to call for actions.

Rubbish collection, on the whole, is excellent. My only complaint is the spillage caused by the workers. One other area which the council should focus on is the irregularity of garden refuse collection. The source of the problem, however, is the residents themselves. The fondness of some to turn the whole neighbourhood into one big rubbish dump is stupefying.

I don’t blame the council for all the wrongs that we see. I blame the people, as I have seen them throwing rubbish on roadsides and in the streets. We still have plenty to learn before we can be called a developed nation. Foremost, we need to change our mindset. For a start, stop blaming MBI for all of our woes.

Taman Gunong View

MBI Must Get Date Right


First I must say that I am not nitpicking on a typo error. The signboard concerned is in front of the pick-up area of passengers in the railway station and in a strategic location. The railway station is one of the main gateways to Ipoh.

The signboard in front of the passenger pick-up area giving particulars of the project being carried out in the field opposite the station states that the completion date is July 15, 2012; the same date is given on the signboard placed in front of the Town Hall. Only ground work is being done and maybe the year must be wrong.

Passengers waiting for transport have nothing to do and read the signboard which is in front of them. I also read it while waiting for transport and another passenger standing beside me pointed out the error as well.

This error may be considered insignificant, but it gives a bad impression of MBI to tourists and visitors on how they manage their projects. It shows the calibre of people they employ. The error should be corrected immediately and the correct completion date given. MBI staff must be more alert and prevent embarrassments like this.

I feel bad when outsiders point out these things to me.

A. Jeyaraj