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“Successful Recruitment Strategies”


Forty participants from diverse industries in Perak attended a talk at YMCA Ipoh entitled “Successful Recruitment Strategies” recently. It was a joint collaboration by Allways People Sdn Bhd, MIHRM and Ipoh Echo. Zaini bin Yaacob, Director of Industrial Relations Perak was the guest of honour.

Successful Recruitment Strategies

Although held during the fasting month of Ramadan, the spirit of gaining  and sharing knowledge was prevalent based on the response of the participants.

The talk began with a presentation from J. Aresandiran, President of the Malaysian Institute of Human Resource Management (MIHRM). He said that MIHRM plays a pivotal role in developing and building the HR capabilities of HR practitioners in Malaysia.

Many HR practitioners who have attended the certificate and diploma programmes of MIHRM have benefited by holding senior HR positions in large companies. In return, these companies have managed to move their people-value proposition to strategic levels for organisational effectiveness.

He encouraged the participants to up-skill themselves by attending the various HR certification programmes that will lead to being certified functional HR practitioners. This will enable them to deliver better HR services and value for their organisations.

Ngo Tuan Siong of MIS and Associates Sdn Bhd spoke on “Effective and Efficient Compensation Systems”. He said that apart from Recruitment and Retention, Reward is an important aspect in any organisation. Managing an effective reward system will ensure better attraction and retention of employees.

The highlight of the talk was on “Successful Recruitment Strategies” by Leslie Lim, Council Member of MIHRM. He presented various recruitment strategies to be adopted by industries from operators, clerical, executives and managerial positions. The key to successful recruitment strategies is dependent on the adoption of a Recruitment Master Plan that helps to:

Track the status of recruitment efforts such as timelines, person-in-charge, cost, targeted number of personnel, achievements and a column for remarks.

Update the plan on a daily basis or at least twice a week.

Hold regular meetings with the respective hiring managers or departments requesting these personnel.

At the end of the talk Asohan Satkunasingham, the Managing Director of Allways People Sdn Bhd, thanked the participants for their presence. He added that the following courses will be conducted in Ipoh once a minimum of 10 participants are secured for each module.

The likely date of launch is October 1. Having the courses in Ipoh is cost effective as students need not travel to Kuala Lumpur to attend them. The proposed courses are:

Professional Certificate in Human Resource Management leading to Functional Certification as “Certified Human Resource Officer”.

Professional Diploma in Human Resource Management leading to Functional Certification as “Certified Human Resource Manager”.

Certified Industrial Relations Managers Course leading to becomng a specialist in Industrial Relations/Employee Relations.

For registration and more information on these courses kindly contact Taha Nasir at 017-540 0859, Malini at 012-941 5134 or Asohan at 017-578 6817.

A Talk on “Successful Recruitment Strategies”


MIHRM - Developing people in all ways

YMCA Ipoh, Thursday 25th July 2013

Time: 10.00am to 11.30am

Today’s business competitiveness lies in the ability of a company to retain the best of its talent. However, retention of a company’s human resources seem to be difficult with the issue of scarcity of people and the heavy poaching of resources due to a great window of opportunity provided by many companies, whether locally or globally.

The issue of retention becomes acute when recruiting the best is a greater challenge. Many companies spend massive amounts to find ways to attract people for their companies. Nevertheless, the challenge to recruit the best is still prevalent. The Human Resource Department of such companies are in doldrums of finding the most suitable strategies for successful recruitment and placement.

In this talk, you will be given the “how(s)” of successful recruitment strategies. The latest networking methods to engage interview discussions with potential candidates, the reasons some recruitment activities fail to yield the desired results etc. are amongst the issues which will be dealt with in the talk.

For those desiring a clear career path in the field of Human Resources, there will be a briefing on the route to achieve a professional functional practitioners certification that will trail blaze your career in human resources and earn the respect and reputation from your companies. The certification is also suitable for those who wish to be competent in managing people.

As seats are limited and registration is on a first-come-first-serve basis, please contact either Mr S. Asohan at 017-578 6817 or MIHRM Secretariat Ms Malini at 03‑7955 6536 or Ipoh Echo at 05-249 5936 to secure your seat.

This is a sponsored talk hosted for the specific benefit of the Human Resource Community in Ipoh Perak and those interested to pursue a career in the field of human resources.