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Ipoh Hosts National Wushu Championship


Federation of Wushu - Dragon and Lion Dance of PerakIpoh played host to the 23rd Malaysian Wushu Championship held from December 21-23 last year. The last time the championship was held in Ipoh was 13 years ago.

The event was organised by the Federation of Wushu, Dragon and Lion Dance of Perak. Over 350 participants throughout the country attended the championship which was held at SJK (C) Yuk Choy.

State Exco for Local Government and Environment and MCA Youth Perak Chairman Dato’ Dr Mah Hang Soon who officially launched the event warmly welcomed the participants saying that it was an honour for Ipoh to host the event and reminded the visitors to savour Ipoh’s delicious local cuisine while here. The state government contributed RM50K towards the organisation of the event.

Federation of Wushu, Dragon and Lion Dance of PerakWushu Federation of Malaysia President, Dato’ Seri Kee Yong Wee in his address remarked that “Wushu unlike most other sports stays with you for the rest of your life once you’ve learnt it.”

The 2-day competition was a hard fought competition amongst all the teams.

Ultimately the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur emerged the winner with 14 gold medals. Sanshou gold medalist from KL, Muhammad Meeraj (90kg) “was surprised to have won gold. I waited over an hour for my slot and it was over in less than a minute”.

The second place went to Sarawak with 10 golds and Negeri Sembilan 9 golds.

Host Perak finished in 10th position earning one gold medal won by 18-year old UTAR student Chu Yuet Yee in the Women’s Taiji Push Hand event (52kg).

Wushu in Malaysia has progressed from being a provisional sport to being a core sport and will become a full-fledged MSSM (Majlis Sukan Semenanjung Malaysia) event in 2013. Since 1990, the Malaysia Wushu Team has won 320 international medals. Of these, 83 are gold medals where 24 of the 83 medals were achieved at world series Wushu championships.

With the possibility of Wushu being included in the 2020 Olympics, there is a strong possibility that the sport could earn Malaysia a gold medal.

The next major Wushu event will be in 2013 when Malaysia plays host to the 12th World Wushu Championship 2013.