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MBI Full-Board Meeting (Apr 2011)


Some of the matters discussed at the monthly Ipoh City Council Full-Board Meeting on Friday, April 29:

Assessment Rate Collection
Lucky draws for Ipohites who paid their 2011 assessment rates in full (one year) were held on March 10 and April 29. Prizes ranging from motorbikes, TV sets, refrigerators, washing machines and others were given to the lucky winners.

A total of 72,053 Notice E have been issued to errant property owners who have yet to settle their assessment bills. Actions to seal moveable items in properties of errant owners are being taken by the enforcement unit beginning in early April.
Amount owing by defaulters at end of February is RM46.8 million.

Illegal Extensions
The Council will continue taking punitive actions on house owners who build illegal extensions. For the month of April MBI has fined six house owners netting a sum of RM20,443.

House owners are advised to get the council’s approval if they wish to make extensions to their houses. The Council reserves the right to demolish these illegal structures based on existing by-laws.

Between January 1 to April 13, a sum of RM3,880,621 was collected from 18,916 business license holders. Within the same period 705 new business licenses were issued.

Between January to March, a total of 83,440 compounds, with a face value of RM2.6 million, were issued. They were for offences such as littering, parking and hawking. A sum of RM263,904 was collected.

Another sum of RM503,768 was collected from advertisement permits, dog licences, fines from stray animals, etc.

Nine joint operations with federal agencies were conducted since January 2011. The operations targeted “jaga kereta”, beggars (including foreigners), stray animals, drug addicts, litter bugs and illegal second-hand dealers. A sum of RM24,600 was collected from owners of strays.

Civil Society Council
The Menteri Besar has suggested the setting up of a Civil Society Council (Majlis Masyarakat Sivil) to get NGOs involved in the management of local councils by way of advice and ideas. The Council has appointed 31 members of NGOs representing entities such as religion, youth, welfare, education, labour, sports, social and recreation, media and women affairs to sit in the council. The members’ responsibilities are mainly advisory without any executive powers.

Safe City Programme
The Ministry of Local Government and Housing has allotted RM1.5 million to Ipoh under its Safe City Programme. The Council with the advice of the Police has identified 13 hotspots (crime-prone areas) in the city which require close observation. The Council will initiate the following measures in the interim:

  1. Install railings to separate pedestrians from motorcyclists.
  2. Street lights to light up dark areas.
  3. Install safety mirrors to cover blind spots.


The areas identified are Greentown, Ipoh Garden, Bandar Baru Medan Ipoh, Fair Park, Bercham, Polo Ground, Taman Cempaka, First Garden and others. The project will commence in mid-May and complete in July.

Rubbish-free City Programme
The Council will initiate the Rubbish-free City Programme aimed at freeing the city of rubbish. It will begin from the bottom, working upwards – from schools to parks to housing areas. The programme is similar to the one conducted in Kota Kinabalu. Cash incentives will be given to the winners in the respective categories. Kampong Sungei Rokam has been chosen as the first spot for this rubbish-free programme.
Tourist Information Centre
MBI-owned Tourist Information Centre near Ipoh Padang will be manned 7 days a week following overtures from the Perak Tourist Association. The association has agreed to help by providing volunteers to man the centre on weekends. The mayor will try to resolve this matter this year.

Healthy Food
The Council will wait for directives on healthy food for school children before acting on illegal food peddlers outside of school compounds.