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Dulang Washers on the Kampar River



Dulang washers on the Kampar River-3

Dulang washers on the Kampar River-1Ipoh Echo was taken aback to see Dulang Washers at the Kampar River recently. Hoping for resurgence in tin mining, only to discover that they were just actors for an upcoming Chinese serial being produced by Media Corp Singapore Pte Ltd.

The crew were in Ipoh for two weeks in July and were doing shoots throughout the Kinta Valley at Gopeng, Papan, Jelapang and Ipoh.

Dulang washers on the Kampar River-2

According to one of the crew who declined to be named, he said that the 30-part Chinese serial, entitled ‘The Voyage’ is scheduled to be shown over Singapore Channel 8 in November.

The theme of the drama is set in the 1920s to 1930s and depicts the voyage of migrants from China coming to Nanyang (Malaya and Singapore) in search of their fortune.

A member of the production crew added that Ipoh and the Kinta Valley have lots of good shooting locations which were close to Ipoh town. This was convenient and made it easy to start shooting early in the day.

Besides Ipoh, filming was also done in Penang and some in China.