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MICCI Highlights Issue of Royalty on Minerals and Gas Supply


The MICCI Perak Branch recently gave a media statement which was read out by its Chairman Leong Hua Kooi. The statement highlighted the problems faced by mineral related industries specifically the Quarry Operators and Cement and Kaolin manufacturers on the issue of Revised Royalty on Minerals Act.

MICCI Highlights Issue of Royalty on Minerals and Gas SupplyAccording to Leong, two dialogue sessions were held with the Minerals and Geoscience Departments since October. While the dialogue sessions were a good platform to understand the issues facing the industry, the industry players say that the royalty rates fixed earlier this year are not acceptable to many as “the rates will cause competitiveness issues and hinder local and foreign investment”.

Leong said that the industry players have acknowledged that most of the rates have been finalized and are currently pending approval when tabled at the next sitting of the State Assembly. The industry players are now requesting that the negotiated rates when approved be fixed for the next five years with the expiry date at December 31, 2016 in order to assure investors of the certainty of doing business here.

Gas Supply

Another topic of concern raised was the the request of gas supply which, according to Leong, “has been a long standing request by all the Chambers ie MICCI, FMM and PCCCI”.

Leong lamented that the scheduled meeting on November 26 to discuss the issue of gas supply was postponed to a later date and hoped that the state government would take a serious view to address the issue with the federal government.

“If necessary we welcome more dialogue between the industries and government similar to the dialogue with PTG in order to enable a more conducive business environment in the state,” added Leong.


MICCI Centennial Dinner


The Malaysian International Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MICCI) Perak chapter celebrated its 100th anniversary with a dinner at Impiana Hotel Ipoh recently.

Chairman Leong Hua Kooi said that it had been an economically challenging year globally in 2012 and Malaysia was affected due to many external factors, including the unresolved Euro Zone sovereign debt crisis and the poor economic performance of China in thirteen years.

However, due to the country’s strong economic fundamentals and political stability, Malaysia’s economy continued to expand in 2012, although at a much slower pace.

Leong took the opportunity to voice concerns about Malaysia’s competitiveness, as the country slipped four rungs from 21st to 25th out of 142 countries, in the Global Competitive Report (GCR) 2012-2013 released by the World Economic Forum.

Referring to the recently announced Budget 2013, Leong expressed disappointment that it was too rakyat-oriented at the expense of the private sector.

He brought up a few other grouses like the retention of talent in the state, the implementation of GST (Goods and Services Tax) and the new Mineral Act in Perak. Leong hoped that there are more catalysts to drive the economy. Perak may have performed relatively well but it could do better, he insisted.

Chief Minister Dato’ Seri DiRaja Dr Zambry Abd Kadir launched a coffee table book to celebrate MICCI Perak branch centennial anniversary. A cake-cutting ceremony ensued.

Vice-Chairman, Dato’ Hew Choy Kon of Perak Teamwork Sdn Bhd, was presented with a certificate of appreciation for having served MICCI Perak branch for twenty years since 1992.